Ora Pro Anima De Marge Duffy

9 Sep

After my observations on a Requiem Mass with Stringed Instrument De Populum, called Guitarra, in which I was both enraged and perplexed, it is appropriate to speak well of The Deceased Woman called Marge Duffy, Late of Holy Child Jesus Roman Catholic Church in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY.

The Requiem Mass was Concelebrated by The Parish Administrator, Reverend Father Francis Colemaria, The Dean of Brooklyn East, The Very Reverend Father Francis Shannon, The Pastor who is The Most Reverend Bishop Octavio Cisneros, who served as Master of Ceremonies for The Mass, Reverend Father Daniel Murphy, who is Pastor of Good Shepherd in Park Slope, Brooklyn and was Pastor of Holy Child Jesus some years ago and ably assisted by the Reverend Deacon Jeremiah Schwarz, Plus Two Altar Servers.
A sweet young lady sang with devotion the Marian Hymns and Gregorian Chants, both Ave Maria and Pie Jesus, as well as the Supplication called The Ora Pro Pacem de Sancte Franciscum. She did have a slight problem with “City of God”, composed by Former Saint Louis Jesuit Daniel Schutte, a Song which sends me into a touch of Intestinal Distress.

“The Snare of Mr Stevie, did not endear me”:
Steve, perhaps in the Vein of The Maestro On The Hill(Actually at Ascan Avenue and Queens Boulevard), called David Close, sang the Responsorial Psalm, “The Lord Is My Shepherd”, while strumming a 5 stringed instrument, never heard by me before at a Missa Requiem, called La Guitarra. For such an Act, a woman who I call “Most Dear Friend”, would recommend that, like Maestro Close, Steve should be “Starved” for this. Actually, he deserves this bit of Acerbic Wit on my part.

This was an appropriate  Missa Requiem for a Head of State and Marge Duffy was treated in this fashion by the Priests and Deacon and Faithful Christians Present. It was with Love that this Missa Requiem was offered. After we heard the Stirring, albeit humourous Homily of Father Francis Colemaria, we were reminded that the Saints are gathered on and around the Altar at every Mass every single day and that Marge will be remembered every day on The Altar of God at The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.

We were reminded of her unselfish love of The Church and of her family.

Deo Gratias

Ora Pro Familia Duffy, In Nomini Patris et Filli et Spiritu Sancti, Amen.


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