Part II Michael Voris Calls Out Cardinal Dolan

9 Sep

Michael Voris is questioning the Scandalous Actions and Omissions of The Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York, Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan.

To the Old and New Media, I beseech you to keep Video and Still Cameras and Microphones away from His Eminence. His Eminence adores Publicity(Glasnost).
For His Eminence appearing on “Meet The Press” and answering questions about Gay College Football Star Michael Sam, saying that he doesn’t judge Sam, while admiring Sam for “Coming Out of The Closet”and exclaiming “Bravo” for Sam’s Actions.
But the “Coupe De Gracie” is for saying NOTHING about the “Gay-ing” of the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade, while accepting the Honor of being Grand Marshall Of the 2015 Parade. Also for running the Annual Al Smith Dinner, inviting the Baby Aborter In Chief, Obama, despite Moral Reservations by Various Bishops to the contrary.
But, Truly Orthodox Catholics, particularly Traditionalists, may find their Latin Mass Parish done away with, whilst Cardinal Dolan showed up in support of an Active L G B T Group at Jesuit Run Parish, St. Francis Xavier on West 16th Street.
For Cardinal Dolan is scandalizing the Faithful by his actions, which as Michael Voris puts it, are of The Diabolical, calling for Dolan to resign. Cardinal Dolan, in all his years in the Pulpit, admitted that rarely did he preach about Sexual Sins, nor about Abortion and Same Sex “Marriage.”
Voris Calls for Cardinal Dolan to Resign for his loss of Faith.

Michael Voris has Cujones, with the same Chutzpah as the Foundress of E W T N, the Redoubtable Mother Angelica.

We need more Voris and Far Less of Bishops and Dissident Priests who don’t seem to care about the Souls in their care. This is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, not some Protestant Sect. And Moslems do not believe in The Holy Trinity, so Cardinal Dolan errs grievously in stating that we all worship the Same God.

Keep telling it the way it is, Michael.

Deo Gratias!



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