Secular Media Coverage of The St. Patrick’s Day Parade Is B-LLS–T

10 Sep

As far as cheering the news that a Gay Group from NBC was admitted to the Line of March on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015, the Cheering Story is reported to be B-LLS–T.

You heard me-it’s B-LLS–T. According to a “Canary” who was there, there wasn’t even any applause over this announcement.

This maneuver over the Parade, where Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York(Personally Condemned by Michael Voris on “The Vortex” on You Tube and Church was named Grand Marshall Of the 2015 Parade, by the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee Inc.

It was told to me by “The Canary”, that Parade Committee Vice President John Leahy, who is President of Quinnipiac College in Connecticut, Native New Yorker and Graduate of Jesuit Run Fordham University, along with NBC Executive Francis X. Comerford, both convinced the Committee to permit the Gay group, OUT@NBCUniversal to march. Of course, NBC put the pressure on to allow for this, with Sponsors like Guinness, Heineken, Sam Adams Boston Lager and Ford Motor Company, refusing to sponsor the Parade because of Fear of a Gay Millitant Backlash. Leahy even announced that Applications for Parade Entrance are still open.

Mr John Dunleavy, longtime Parade Committee President, is rumored to be out of Power. He did talk to Cardinal Dolan on the side. John usually has something to say and says it well. Sadly, he was silent this time around.

Actually, the Days of American Television are numbered and since the Parade is fed over the Web, it is seen around the World. Who needs Television!

The Web Is “The New Frontier.”

Kyrie Elaison



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