Michael Voris and “The One, True Faith”

11 Sep

If I will say it, Michael Voris has Cujones. He spoke of The Scandal of the “Catholic” Campaign For Human Development, in their distribution of funds to pro abortion groups, amongst other Leftist Causes, on his TV show, “The One True Faith” & his reward was to be yanked from Diocesan TV Channels all over the USA. For you see, the majority of The US Roman Catholic Bishops are not thrilled with The Truth.

For you see, Michael is not part of The Catholic Establishment Media. None of these Establishment Types will even talk about Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan’s Decision to be the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade Grand Marshall, on a day when a large gay group will march in the Parade. The silence by The Catholic Establishment Media is deafening.

I am an independent media type. What you read and see is what you get. With Independence, I am free to do my investigations.

And that is the way it should be. The Catholic Establishment Media is nothing more than an in house newsletter full of fluff.

Count me out.



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