“The Culture War Is Over”(So Sayeth Cardinal “D’oh”lan)

11 Sep

Be prepared to eat those words, Your Eminence. There is still the Independent Catholic New Media, Liberated from Episcopal Control.

E W T N, now under the control of The Episcopate in Substance, will go along with the Episcopate, because the Foundress is out of the Picture. From E W T N, we will hear about the Feminized Holy Spirit, “The Spirit of Vatican II”(Whatever That Means, except that is a support of Modernism through Ambiguous Language), and Trite Tripe(A Phrase coined in Honour of The Canadian Resident Curmudgeon, Rex Murphy on CBC News and CBC Radio One).

Bad News for His Eminence and his Company of Mediocrity, for The Independent Catholic New Media is NOT Afraid to “Call a spade, A Spade.”


Kyrie Elaison

M, Eh!


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