Louis Verrecchio, More Dynamic Than Michael Voris

13 Sep

While Michael Voris is in the process of ripping Cardinal Dolan “A New One”, while forgetting that old Sicilian Adage that “The Fish Stinks from the head, down”, I have watched a Video called “The Gore-tex”, where Michael Voris is “Trapped and Exposed.”
You must understand that Michael Voris wrote a Manifesto, decrying Christopher Ferrarra, John Vennari and Michael Matt, all three being Fine, Combatitive Apologists for The Catholic Faith.
But, the three have come under attack from Michael Voris. Their Collective Offence is that these men actually analyzed the statements of Pope Francis I and were critical of his statements.
So, Michael Voris, who tends towards criticizing Bishops wherever they are in the world, especially Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan of Late, referred to the Priestly Society of St Pius X as “Soft Sedevacantists”, he bombed John Vennari, Christopher Ferrarra and Michael Matt as “Hard Sedevacantists.” He called on the viewers of Church Millitant.tv to cease reading what these gentlemen have written and said, as these gentlemen may confuse the Faithful.
A Sedevacantist  is one who believes that since the Death of Venerable Pope Pius XII, the Papal Throne has been occupied by Imposters. These Three Gentlemen are NOT Sedevacantists. They aren’t Schismatics, Apostates nor are they Heretics.
But, another Fine Apologist named Louis Verrecchio, knows Michael Voris, John Vennari, Christopher Ferrarra and Michael Matt. Louis pulls no punches, so he produced a Video, satirizing Michael Voris in what is called “The Gore-tex”, complete with “The Vortex” opening theme music. Michael Voris had it coming to him by way of Louis Verrecchio.
The mockery showed the Inconsistency of Michael Voris. For Michael’s calling out of Islam as a False Religion, a video was superimposed over the Voris Video, with Pope Francis I’s praise of Islam. There is more of the video on Vimeo and You Tube.

Louis Verrecchio decided by means of “Fraternal Correction”, via Video, to call on Michael Voris to apologize for his extremely vicious statements in regards to Vennari, Ferrarra and Matt.

Louis also criticizes the same Church of Nice crowd as Voris, but goes deeper and has more depth. He also criticizes confusing Papal Statements made by Pope Francis I.

Voris does NOT go the Extra Mile, while Louis Verrecchio goes that extra mile, as do Ferrarra, Vennari and Matt.

I say that Louis Verrecchio is someone strong on the Faith and Stronger than Michael Voris. Just google Louis Verrecchio and you will really like him.



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