The Little Girl, The Crucifix, The Icon, Holy Communion

16 Sep

I was approaching Holy Communion at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic in Manhattan’s East Village. A girl went up to the Icon Table. She venerated both the Icon and Kissed both the Icon and Crucifix.
Then she stood behind me on the Communion Queue.
I then told her to go in front of me. I was amazed by this Act of Devotion.
She received the Precious Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ at Holy Communion. I followed in the queue and received Holy Communion.

In the Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches, the Icon Table is for The Faithful to venerate the Cross of Christ and the Saints Icon. I saw the girl do it, so I kissed the Crucifix at the Feet of Christ and did so again upon leaving the Church. As I do notice in the two Ukrainian Catholic Parishes where I often go for Divine Liturgy, many a person pays and prays respect for the Images of Christ and Saints.

One often has to go “East” for this, for this Practice is Rare in the Roman Rite.unless,you head to Holy Innocents Parish in Manhattan, prior to the Monday Night Latin Mass at 6:00PM.

Unam, Sancta, Catolica Ecclesium!


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