Thank You Bro. Sumner Herrick FMS

18 Sep

A native of Boston of an Irish Background, amidst the Confusion of The Post Vatican II Era, Marist Brother Sumner Herrick once corrected me in regards to the Lenten Fastimg Rule of Fridays of Abstinence.
For I was eating a Meatloaf Sandwich at St Agnes High School, then run by the Marist Brothers and supported by Saint Agnes Parish on East 43rd Street(Home to the Tridentine Latin Mass, beginning in 1989).
Brother Sumner Herrick stopped me in my tracks and explained the Abstinence Rule of Lent.

Thank You Bro. Sumner Herrick, FMS. At least SOMEONE cleared up Church Teaching in the Post Vatican II Era of Massive Confusion.

Deo Gratias!

M, Eh(St. Agnes High School Class of 1973).

2 Responses to “Thank You Bro. Sumner Herrick FMS”

  1. James D'Agostino 2014/11/15 at 17:45 #

    I assume this is the same Brother Sumner Herrick that taught at Mount St. Michael Academy in the Bronx. He was my homeroom teacher as a Freshman in 1968-1969, and my French teacher for three years as a Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior (Mr. John Kennedy sneaked in as my Junior year teacher). I didn’t know much about Vatican II then or now, but thank you for teaching me French!

    • A Roaming Catholic 2014/11/15 at 18:09 #

      James, he is the Same Brother Sumner Herrick FMS, reportedly now in retirement.

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