The Third Confiteor

18 Sep

When The Ordinary Form of The Mass was 1st offered on the 1st Sunday Of Advent in November, 1969, so very little of The Original Mass of Tridentine Form remained. The Mass, vernacularized(Quite Badly, I will add), with an Odd Orientation(Versus Populum, which is Priest Facing the Congregation), still had the purpose of bringing about the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

But, the Eternal Element, as well as Penitential Element seemed to disappear from the Ordo Missae.
For the Confiteor was recited Twice after the Prayers at The Foot of The Altar(These Litanies were abolished with the Promulgation of The New Mass), by both the Priest and Faithful in the Tridentine Latin Mass. In fact the Confiteor had become a Collective Prayer, eliminating the names of Saints John The Baptist, Peter and Paul, Michael The Archangel, with only ONE Mention of Blessed Mary Ever Virgin and Two Mentions of Brethren(Fratres). Why was the Confiteor offered Twice at the Beginning of The Mass?
The Priest acts In Persona Christi when offering the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. He prays to the Lord for the Priest’s own Unworthiness to offer the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass and for his sins to be forgiven. Then the Server and Faithful offer the Prayer.
But when the Confiteor became a Collective Prayer, the Invocations to the abovementioned Saints were eliminated in a False Ecumenical Spirit as a concession to Protestants, who think of Prayers for the Intercessions of Saints to be “Repugnant to the Word of God.”
The Collective Confiteor is one of a number of Penitential Options of The Mass of Paul VI.
The Kyrie was cut down, the Gloria is only recited on Sundays, Holy Days of Obligation and Certain Feasts.
The opening of The New Mass is taken from the Opening of The Consecration Portion of The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom(Bishop, Confessor and Doctor of The Church). The Versus Populum(Facing West Towards the Faithful) & The Use of a Freestanding Table Altar, are Protestant in Practice. The Cantor and Lector are Byzantine Rite, though in Byzantine Practice, they face Ad Orientem(East) and sit in the Nave and not in the Sanctuary.

But on Tuesday Evening at the Tridentine Latin Mass at Holy Innocents R C Church in Manhattan, the Server, before Holy Communion, when one kneels at the Altar Rail to receive on one’s tongue, actually recited the Confiteor, with the Priest Responding.

There is a Truly Penitential Element in the Tridentine Latin Mass, missing from the Ordinary Form Mass. The Confiteor is said Three Times. The Offertory Prayers, in anticipation of The Sacrifice during the Consecration, also the Priest Prays for the Expiation of Sins of the Priest, and Living and Dead. This is not done in the Ordinary Form Mass Offertory, which is just a Jewish Passover Thanksgiving Table Prayer.

Open up an old Missal of The Tridentine Latin Mass and Compare it with The Ordinary Form Mass. You will see just how far we have gone “Off the Rails.” Standing for Holy Communion, a Byzantine Rite Practice, without the Beauty of The Admonition “Approach With Fear of The Lord and With Faith”, makes the Ordinary Form Mass look naked. Receiving Holy Communion in the Hand is the Action of Protestants, who have, by and large, no Valid Priesthood, nor True Eucharist. Combine this with Banal(Pronounced Bah Nahl) “Worship” Muzak, and we have fallen “Far Off The Rails.”

And One Wonders “Where Have All The Faithful Gone.”

They are avoiding the Church like The Plague.


Kyrie Elaison



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