It Was In The Byzantine Rite

22 Sep

One would wonder about Liturgical Vernacularization and How it would work. The Most Holy Catholic Churches in the Byzantine Rite, as they are Ethnically Based, realized that once the Ethnics took on the customs of The new nation, the Particular Catholic Church which they belonged to, might cease to exist.
The First English Offering of The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom was in 1958 at the Melkite Greek Catholic Church Convention. The Priest who 1st offered this Liturgy, in Memphis, TN, was a Latin Rite Bishop who was familiar with the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy Structure. That Priest was Bishop Fulton J Sheen. This was seen on the National Television Newscasts in the USA.

But the Divine Liturgy Structure Did Not Change. The Litanies were sung and certain Prayers, called Hymns, especially the Thrice Holy Hymn are sung without Organ(Or Guitar)Accompaniment. There are many Silent Periods where the Priest says the Prayers of The Anaphora in a low voice. The Anaphora is The Eucharistic Canon of The Consecration.

One can say that the Byzantine Rite Catholic Church “Reads the Black and Does the Red”, which means  following the Rubrics. Without following the Rubrics, the Liturgy would close in on itself. In short order, there would be Chaos.

Sadly, the Ordinary Form Mass of The Roman Rite, is known for falling into Chaos, due to “Inculturation”, which may include Native Customs, many of which are Pagan in Practice. The Roman Rite Modernists have, in essence, added “Circus Maximus” or “Entertainment” to the Ordinary Form of Mass, as part of The so called “Inculturation.”

The Byzantine Rite have preserved their Great and Awesome Divine Liturgies. It is the Roman Rite Catholic Church, with The Modernist Mindset, which has not done that good a job, but the Tridentine Latin Mass was restored, though the Liberation Theologists in Latin America have tried to hide this Mass. A certain “Liberation Theologist” from Buenas Aires, Argentina, of Piedmontese Italian Descent, went as far as to wreck the idea of the Tridentine Latin Mass in his Cathedral, which may explain why as Pope, he has all but destroyed the Order of The Franciscan Friars of The Immaculate, for the Audacity to offer the Tridentine Latin Mass, which offended certain USA Based Dissidents.

The Roman Rite Catholic Counter Revolution is here to stay.

Kyrie Elaison!



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