Requiem Pro Fanaticum Yankees

22 Sep

NY Yankees Fans are going to be doing quite a bit of Whining by the End of this week. You see, the Yankees did not miss Post Season for two consecutive years since the 1980s and Half of The 1990s. Before that, it was from half of the 1960s until the Halfway point of The 1970s.

For you see, the NY Yankees Fans, if there are such people, will whine over “The Institute For The Intelligence Challenged”, namely Sports Radio 66 & 101.9 FM, WFAN in NYC. Moronic Speech will reign supreme and Show Hosts will go along on this “Whine Line”, owned by CBS. This will go on all of Autumn and Winter until the 1st Pitch is thrown in April, 2015, and then continue as if Yankees Fans were deprived of their birthright, namely one continuous Post Season Time. Mike “His Hugeness The Sports Pope” Francessa, will wail with them.

If you have the Android, iDevice or Windows Phone App for, do tune into WFAN. You may laugh yourself silly listening to this Garbage. And Yankees “Fans”, the Utterly Insufferable Bunch which they are known to be, will cause you to download Gregorian Chant to drown out their Gagorian Chant of “Woe is Me, My Post Season Time is Over.”

Besides, Gregorian Chant gives Glory To God On High, not to Alex Rodriguez.

Kyrie Elaison


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