The NO Mass-A Breakdown Part 1

24 Sep

A certain Past Grand Knight of a Knights of Columbus Council in Queens, went to a Lutheran Divine Service and found that he couldn’t tell the difference between the Lutheran Liturgy and the Roman Rite Ordinary Form of The Mass. Since the ONLY thing separating the Lutheran Liturgy from the Ordinary Form of The Mass, is in the part of The Mass, during the Eucharistic Anaphora, where there’s a Prayer for the Pope, the Papal Prayer is missing. Peter does not occupy the Throne in the Man Made Lutheran Faith Community.

So, in the “Manufacturing Process” to come up with a Modern Liturgy, called The Mass, it would take a Modern Track. It would not be emphasised as a Sacrifice, albeit a Non Bloody Sacrifice. It would be emphasised as a Community Meal.
The Priest would be called either a President of The Assembly or Presider.

I was a President of an assembly, called a Knights of Columbus Council in Queens, NY. I had no power to offer the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. I couldn’t change Bread and Wine into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, so WHY is the Priest downgraded to a mere President of The Assembly?  As a Past Grand Knight of a Knights of Columbus Council in Queens, NY, I couldn’t change Bread and Wine into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. I was not a Successor of The Apostles, only a Successor of other Grand Knights of a Knights of Columbus Council.

But, in these Days of The Church Militant, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, where approximately 25% of Catholics still attend Mass on Sundays, which includes the Saturday Vigil Mass and Holy Day Vigil Mass, one wonders what went awry. The Mass of Paul VI, said by the Proponents to make it easier to understand the Mass as it would be in the Languages of The Peoples of The Earth, did NOT produce any sense of Unity. One could not travel from Brooklyn to Prague to Mass and engage in Active Participation, for one did not know the Language spoken in the Czech Republic, especially if one is from Brooklyn(THE Borough Where The Dodgers once called Home, in New York).
It was in Brooklyn, NY, from where I was born and raised, in which I first went to The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. And it was in Brooklyn, where I 1st observed the Massive Confusion and Changes to the Roman Catholic Liturgy. For I grew up in the Era of The Second Vatican Council, which I viewed in a (Then)Catholic Elementary School Setting, when we were often commanded to pray for The Protestants, but not to imitate them.

IF You wonder WHY I often write about the Byzantine Rite and the Tridentine Latin Mass, I am coming to an Appreciation of these Holy and Venerable Ways of Catholic Church Liturgy, consider that the Ordinary Form of Mass is not disregarded by me, provided that it doesn’t become a form of entertainment. With the so called “Inculturation” of The Ordinary Form of The Mass, vernacularized poorly from 1969 until 2011, when a Real Translation arrived on the scene, when “Et Cum Spiritu Tuo”, was Translated to “And With Your Spirit.” The “Translation”, “And Also With You”, is often used in various Protestant Churches, where The Sacred Priesthood is not recognized. That “Translation” had all the “Sacredness” of saying “Same to you, Pal.”
Strange, but in the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom and St Basil The Great, the Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches did Real English language translations, and the Response, “And With Your Spirit”, was used all during the “Bad English Translation Period” from 1969 to 2011 in the Roman Rite.

I am doing this breakdown of The Current Ordinary Form Mass from what is once again practiced with The Extraordinary Form Mass, which is the Tridentine Form of Mass, pursuant to the 1962 version of The Roman Missal. You will see rather significant changes between the Tridentine Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo(Coined by His Eminence, Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani)Mass, called “The Mass of Paul VI”, sometimes called by me, “The Bugnini Wreck”, which though promulgated by Venerable Pope Paul VI, was actually the Work of a Secular Humanist, Father Annibale Bugnini, a member of the Vincentian Order, who was reportedly offering his prayers to the “Great Architect of The Universe”, which means that Bugnini was, allegedly, a Freemason.

From the Tridentine Form Mass, the Prayers At The Foot of The Altar, when the Altar was a High Altar, where The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass was to be Offered, disappeared in the New Mass. Instead, the Opening of The New Mass Prayer changed to a Byzantine Rite Prayer:
“The Grace and Peace of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, The Love of God The Father and The Fellowship of The Holy Spirit, Be With All of You”, follows with “And With Your Spirit.”
It should be noted to those of The Roman Rite, that this opening, to those of you, who aren’t familiar with the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgies of St John Chrysostom and St Basil The Great, that this is the Opening to the Consecration Anaphora of The Byzantine Rite.

In regards to the Altar, the Altar Stone contains a Relic of a Saint. But, with the coming of The Portable Table Altar, there is no stone and no relic of the Saint. In many cases, in certain Catholic Churches, the High Altar was removed and the Tabernacle was moved away from the centre of The High Altar.
Whereas in the Case of The Confiteor, this is only recited Once, collectively, with only one mention of “Blessed Mary Ever Virgin”, and Two Mentions of The Fratres. This version of The Confiteor is derived from the Lutheran Liturgy, where the Saints become anonymous.
In the Tridentine Form, that is from the Council of Trent in 1570, the Confiteor was recited 1st, for the Forgiveness of The Priest’s Sins, with Response by The Altar Servers, who were all males. Then the servers and those in the Nave who knew the Latin, said the prayer for the Forgiveness of their own Sins followed by The Priest praying for the Forgiveness of The Congregation’s Sins.
What the New Form, derived from the Lutheran Version of The Confiteor,  did was to put the Priest on the same level as the congregation, not as Judge or Alter Christus, but as a mere “President of The Assembly”, which is Protestant Form, which doesn’t recognize The Sacred, Sacrificial Priesthood, but which recognizes a Minister as “A Delegate of The Assembly.”
However this, in the New Mass, became an Option, often omitted with continuation into the Kyrie Litany, which was shortened by eliminating two responses of “Kyrie Elaison”and one of “Christe Elaison.”
The “Gloria”, omitted during Lent and Advent, except on The Feast of Saint Joseph and The Feast of The Immaculate Conception, is now limited to Sundays, Holy Days of Obligation & certain Feast Days. It is said at every Mass in the Tridentine Form, except during Advent and Lent and Good Friday(Easter Triduum).(End of Part I).

Kyrie Elaison



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