“Neo Catholic” Michael Voris

25 Sep

I have been following Michael Matt, Christopher Ferrarra, and John Vennari for a good number of years. I have begun to follow Louis Verrecchio as well. I also have been known to follow Michael Voris and John Salza.
John Salza, John Vennari, Louis Verrecchio, Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrarra, are not afraid to defend the Catholic Faith, even if it means saying that This Current Pope is not clear on Catholic Teaching.
Case In Point is the Persecution of The Franciscan Friars of The Immaculate, done so with The Official Okay of The Current Pope.
If anything can be said about Michael Matt, Christopher Ferrarra, John Vennari, Louis Verrecchio and John Salza, is that they agree that the Current Pope, Francis I, is too much of a critic of anything in the Roman Rite Catholic Church, which smacks of Traditional Practice and Teaching.
But, in the Off The Cuff Comments of Pope Francis I, the One and Only Michael Voris, he who prefers to rip Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan “A New A–h-l-“, just for sneezing on 5th Avenue at East 50th Street, well, Michael won’t criticize Pope Francis I, preferring to rip into someone else, while calling John Vennari, Christopher Ferrarra, Michael Matt a group of “Hard Sedevacantists”, for the sheer gall of criticizing The Off The Cuff Comments of Pope Francis I, while Michael Voris is awaiting appointment as Deputy Censor of The Pontifical Commission For The Propagation of Censorship Of Comments Critical of His Holiness.

Christopher Ferrarra is quite correct in labeling Michael Voris as a “Neo Catholic”. Neo Catholic Types are “Go With the Flow” people who may have spent too much time swimming in the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, a waterway so utterly polluted so as to not be able to support any form of Life, but this crowd would swim in the Gowanus Canal, because Pope Francis I says so, hence it must be true.
Voris is only talking about the Franciscan Friars of The Immaculate and the Exile of Raymond Cardinal Burke, right now? Does Voris have any credibility?  Who are the latest “Evil Bishops”, who Voris is blaming right now?
It sounds like Michael Voris has “Gone Fonzie” and “Jumped The Shark” in the Gowanus Canal. How long before he classifies Louis Verrecchio and Me as “Sedevacantists”?
Michael? You Never Go The Distance.



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