The Final “Roll Call” Of Bald Vinny

25 Sep

The Last Roll Call of Bald Vinny From Brooklyn is tonight at Yankee Stadium III, as this is the Last Time the name of Derek Jeter is called.

Vinny From Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, will lead the Final Charge on behalf of The Yankee Stadium Bleacher Creatures, in The Bronx.

This Night is also quite special, as the Voice of Robert Sheppard will also go dark tonight, after the Last At Bat for Derek Jeter. You see, Robert Sheppard died in 2012, but Derek Jeter has a recording of Sheppard announcing Derek’s Name to the Yankee Stadium Throng.

As for Bald Vinny, he and the Bleacher Creatures will enthrall the crowd one last time, when the Creatures intone “Derek Jeter”, followed by The Customary Wave from Derek Jeter. 

The Ovations for Derek Jeter will be Long and Loud and Deserved.


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