$3K Tickets At Fenway Park?

26 Sep

For those Catholics who will spend $3K for Derek Jeter’s Farewell at Fenway Park, one wonders what your priorities are. This is ONLY a Baseball Game and Derek Jeter is not Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke.

Think about this as you lay out $3K to sit in torture devices from the 1930s called The Blue Grandstand Seats, a place where I suffered backaches which aren’t pleasant. My best seat for comfort was a folding chair for Braves at Red Sox, which the Sawx won in 2007. Me? I am a Red Sox Fan, who goes to Fenway to escape the misery of the latest idiotic move by some twit named JEFFY, as he is sarcastically called, in The Swamps of Corona, Queens.

Think of what your $3K would buy, other than the Hedonistic Pleasure of watching Derek Jeter’s Farewell Tour as it comes crashing to a halt.
Have you No Priorities in your life other than seeing an Ordinary Man play out the string, as there will be No Postseason? What about donating it to a True Charity like your local parish school so a child can meet his or her tuition payments?(Catholic Schools aren’t low cost like they were in April, 1964, before Derek Jeter was even born).
Am I making sense to you, or is this above your head?

Give this sometime to sink in. That child will thank you in the morning or for the rest of his or her life for the opportunity of a Catholic Education(If the Education is an orthodox one).

Kyrie Elaison


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