The Night of The Bawdy House Competition 1980 Brooklyn,NY

26 Sep

The year was 1980, in the Month of December, when the Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship was held in a Catholic School Auditorium, located in City Line in Brooklyn, NY, close to the Boundary with Queens(350 Feet from the Rear of The Grotto on Church Property).

The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, in the days before the ability to telecast the competition via Smartphone, on the Web, was not an automated event. Rather, there was tremendous running around. Computers which were connected to the Internet, were basically a Military Experiment. One can remember one’s hand being rather sore from signing certificates.

The Competition of December, 1979 was one of Extreme Controversy, in that the Traditional Host Parish, was far less than cooperative as host, so, when there is no cooperation, one moves it to a Place where there is cooperation.

But, the Traditional Host was demanding their party to return and it returned in December, 1980.

It was an utter circus. Reports from the lower regions of the School, stated that certain girls were performing Fellatio on boys. There was even one boy, performing Fellatio on another boy.

The Site of The Competition was a “Catholic”School. But, for that one evening, it became “A Bawdy House”, one where Unthinkable Actions occurred.


No other Competitions occurred there until January, 1985, where normal behavior and morals had returned.

Now that school has been merged and has since moved away.

Kyrie Elaison



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