More May Actually Mean Less Scripture

1 Oct

If one goes to either the Tridentine Latin Mass or the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, one will notice a striking departure from the Roman Rite Novus Ordo Missae, in regards to the Scriptural Readings.
In both the Tridentine and Byzantine Liturgies, both are on One Year Calendar.
But in the Roman Rite Catholic Novus Ordo Missae, it becomes a 3 Year Sunday Cycle and a Two Year Daily Cycle. And the Number of Readings went from two to three at the Scriptural Readings. But, this is all so disjointed. One wonders why when there is an Old Testament Reading, which corresponds with The Gospel, the New Testament Reading appears disjointed in relation to the Gospel.

This is WHAT occurs when Modernist Mindset takes the Place of Tradition which is passed on through the centuries. Things become confusing and disjointed. Was that extra reading really needed? The Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, which is another Traditional Catholic Liturgy of Intense Beauty, was heavily borrowed from, to maintain a Catholic Element in the Roman Rite. Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate very well, especially when the Great Litany of The 1st Antiphon, is sung to Organ Music with “Deus Exaudinos”, replacing the Traditional “Kyrie Elaison.” It should be noted that in the Byzantine Rite, the Human Voice is the Instrument of the Byzantine Rite, not the Organ, Guitar, nor “Bad Tambourines From the US$.99 Store.”

It was on a Weekend, where I was at the Saturday Vigil Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom at Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church at 5:00PM, in Astoria, Queens. The following morning, I was at the Tridentine Latin Mass at St John’s Cemetery Chapel in Middle Village, Queens. At 1:00PM, I was at the Novus Ordo Mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs R C Church on Queens Boulevard and Ascan Avenue in Forest Hills, Queens. Believe it or not, the Gospel Reading began the Same Way at Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and Our Lady Queen of Martyrs R C Church. But, unlike Holy Cross Ukrainian, the Gospel at OLQM, stopped short of what was read at Holy Cross. But at Holy Cross, it was the Whole Reading. Sin was mentioned at Holy Cross.

In regards to the Tridentine and Byzantine Forms of Liturgy, they have only one Eucharistic Anaphora. They are scripturally based in the form of Psalms, and both go with Perpetual 1 Year Reading Cycles. In both Liturgies, the Priest faces Liturgical East. There is much Chant in both. Both emphasize Sacrifice. Neither Liturgy attempts to imitate the Practices of Protestants. The Liturgical Muzak of Marty Haugen and Company, is found in NEITHER Liturgy.

You see, the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom is a Traditional Catholic Liturgy, as is the Tridentine Latin Mass(Roman Rite Divine Liturgy of St Pius V). There is no Banal, Manufactured Liturgy in the Byzantine Rite. Sadly, in the Roman Rite, there is very little of The Roman Rite in the Ordinary Form of The Roman Rite Mass, where Anglican and Lutheran, Jewish and Byzantine Elements are present. The mention of Sin and Hell is most minimal in what is often called The Novus Ordo Mass(The NO). If I want the True  Roman Rite, it will be at the Tridentine Latin Mass(Divine Liturgy of St Pius V).

No, I am NOT talking about “Pennywhistles” in Astoria, Queens, which was a Strippers Joint, raided by the NYPD Organized Crime Control Bureau over a problem of Narcotics Sales. What is the problem in the Roman Rite Catholic Ordinary Form Mass, is that the Readings, especially in the Gospel, are stripped of most references to Sin. Also stripped of the Roman Rite Catholic Character in the NO Mass, is the Anticipation of Sacrifice of Christ in the Offertory Prayers, which changed from Prayers by the Priest for The Forgiveness of The Priest’s Sins and those of all Faithful Christians, Living and Dead, leaving out the Offering of The Unspotted Host(From Hostia, Latin for Victim), to a Passover Table Prayer, so as to please Protestants, who deny the Sacrificial Character of The Roman Rite Catholic Mass.
Yes, there are Strippers in the Catholic Church, but they strip the Sacrificial Character out of The Liturgy.

As far as that form of The Mass Readings is concerned, it came from an Anglican “Bishop.” Protestants do not have a Valid Eucharist, because of no Validly Ordained Priesthood, because Protestants also deny the Sacrificial Character of The Mass. So, extra Scripture Readings are fine for Protestants, but for The Catholic Church, there is a Sacrificing Priesthood and True Sacraments.

The Three Year Sunday Cycle of Readings was taken from a PROTESTANT Common Lectionary. Why are we imitating those who deny the Bloodless Sacrifice of Christ in the Mass of The Roman Rite? While the Tridentine Latin Mass and Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom have perpetual readings of Epistle and Gospel in the Continual Year, it should be understood that for those who participate in both Liturgies or one of either Liturgy, you do get the full reading of that Sunday, Holy Day of Obligation and Feast Day. There is nothing stripped. There are no disjointed readings in either Ancient Liturgy.

Imitating the Dissenters makes for Muddled Liturgy. Going with Traditional Catholic Liturgy is where the Fullness of Grace and Truth Truly Is. The NO Mass is a Banal Product of The Extremely Misguided Practice of Ecumenism, a form of promoting Indifference. False Faiths are NOT The One, True, Holy, Catholic Church. Only One was established by Christ. The Rest are of Man. Put that in your mind, that there is Only ONE, TRUE Church.

Deo Gratias!
Kyrie Elaison!



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