The Al Smith Dinner, Is It Still Catholic?

4 Oct

I am having my deep doubts about this, as Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan(D’oh), continues to host assorted Apostate Catholic Politicians of The Same Sex “Marriage” and Pro Infanticide Variety, in order to raise funds for Various Archdiocese of New York Charities.
If Governor Alfred Smith, the 1st Catholic to run for President(1928), were alive today, he would either cringe at this Motley Crew of Apostates, or Vomit, take your pick.
His Eminence, in imitation of His Holiness, is more interested in being friends with The World in New York, Crossroads of The World.
Why Is His Eminence so friendly with The Apostasy Crowd?

The Answer?

Is This Dinner STILL Catholic?
Nahhhhh! At least NOT In Practice, but ONLY in Sponsorship.

Kyrie Elaison



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