The Closing of 156 Years Of Tradition & WHY

5 Oct

Well, Saint Fidelis School in College Point, Queens, closed in 2013 after 156 Years, dating back to 1857, operating from the 2nd half of the 19th Century, all of the 20th Century and for over 13 Years of the 21st Century.
Some people say that the demographics changed. But I look at more than the Demographics.

One may not remember this, but the 1960s was a Time of Novelty. I do remember Nuns in Station Wagons, transported as a Community. They actually lived in Convents. In the case of one Parish in Forest Hills, Queens, the Nuns Convent was connected directly with the school via a door.
But, this was also the beginnings of Tuitions being charged, for Lay Teachers were beginning to be employed.

But, there was a Kicker, in that in Vatican II, Pope Paul VI called on those in Religious Life to do more than just Schools and Hospitals, but to add Social Work to their Mission of Faith. A number of Orders of Nuns decided to update themselves, by playing with the Fads of The World. Perhaps the Biggest Fad occurred in California with Psychological Encounter Groups and “Sensitivity Training”, with Dr Carl Rogers purveying “Humanistic Psychology For Normal People”, a Nondirective Therapy, where people looked too deeply to SELF as one’s authority.

The Orders of Nuns began fading into Oblivion. Today’s Convents have become places rented out to outside concerns of a Catholic Nature.
What occurred here is that the Therapies turned these Women against the Rule of The Religious Order. Many if not most were laicized.
When Nuns left their Orders, Lay Teachers who required Salaries, replaced the Nuns and Tuitions started to rise. By the 1980s, Nuns were almost unheard of. Parishes had a most difficult time subsidizing their Parochial Schools. Whereas in 1964, when Tuition was $3 per month, in 2010, it was $350 per month.

While the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn came up with the Semi Autonomous Academy System of School Administration, this did NOT change the Fact that when Religious Order Life changed by Dabbling in Fads of The World, their Orders were doomed to Failure. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn now has ONLY 87 Elementary Schools, down from 180 Schools of 20 Years Ago.

What is strange is that an Order of Nuns, currently a Contemplative Order, and NOT into the Utter Worldly, is being persecuted by those in High Places in the Catholic Church(The Vatican Hierarchy), for following a Pre Vatican II Formation. But to those who desire the Post Vatican II Formation for this growing Order of Nuns, one only need look at the Vast Devastation of Post Vatican II. Most of The Orders are “Knock, Knock, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, as the Song Lyrics say. The  School Children may not see a Brother or Nun through the 14 Years of Catholic School, from Grade N through Grade 12.

When Religious Life tries to mix the Worldly with the Other Worldly, they mix like Petrol and a Lit Match taken to the Petrol. Just ask the Sister Servants of The Immaculate Heart of Mary in Los Angeles. In 1965, they had taught in 60 Schools in the Los Angeles Archdiocese. By 1967, the Order taught in only One School.

And THIS is WHY 93 Catholic Elementary Schools disappeared in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. Besides that disaster, Teaching of True Doctrine began to fade away after 1966. And with the Novus Ordo Mass in November of 1969 coming to the fore, True Roman Rite Catholicism faded away, replaced with “An Era of Uncertainty.”

One wonders if these Schools today are “Merely Catholic Only In Name.”  When a child is taken with his or her class to the Sacrament of Penance(Reconciliation), as I observed one day, only 3 of 28 children confessed sins. DOES ANYONE HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT RIGHT AND WRONG IS?

Bring Back The Baltimore Catechism. Now, THAT IS CATHOLIC!

Kyrie Elaison!



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