The Conversation Of The Faithful

11 Oct

It was in the basement of Holy Innocents Parish in Manhattan, that Four of us gathered together to talk about Matters of The Catholic Establishment.
Michael Voris, Michael Matt, John Vennari and Christopher Ferrara were all mentioned. Michael Voris is Trapped and Exposed as a Neo Catholic. For he talks tough about Priests and Bishops, but leaves out The Bishop of Rome, the Former Archbishop of Buenos Aires, who has a mean streak when it comes to Traditional Catholics in the Roman Rite. In Michael Voris’s Case of awaiting appointment as Judge Censor of The Pontifical Commission For The Censorship Of Known Traditional Catholic Writers, he excludes his own scribblings which are incomplete, as Michael Voris believes that he alone shall have sole access to the Holy See.
While it is great that Michael Voris has spoken about the Rather Liberal Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan in regards to a planned shutdown of Holy Innocents, he conveniently forgets that the Current Pontiff is NO Amico of The Tridentine Latin Mass. In the case of Fr John Wylie from South Africa, who exhorted The Faithful at Holy Innocents to fight for The Tridentine Latin Mass and since Fr Wylie was assigned to The Holy See Mission at the United Nations, located in St. Agnes Parish, Home to where the Tridentine Latin Mass came out of The Proverbial Catacombs and where Mum was Baptized, Fr Wylie utterly infuriated Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan and, as we do suspect, His Holiness, hence, Fr Wylie was exiled to South Africa, to silence his exhortations on the Subject of preserving Holy Innocents Parish, known for the Only Daily Latin Mass in NYC.
Michael Voris Neo Catholic!
Michael Matt, Christopher Ferrara, Louis Verrecchio and John Vennari are appreciated. They actually “Complete the Story”, which Michael Voris refuses to do.



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