Extraordinary Synod, & Crypto Vorisism

12 Oct

“The Gang of Eight”, including Donald Cardinal “I Never Refuse Nancy Pelosi At Holy Communion” Wuehrl and Sean Cardinal O’Malley of Bankrupt Boston, is at this Extraordinary Synod On The Family, to help decide how to Sidestep Catholic Doctrine, regarding The Sacraments of Matrimony and The Holy Eucharist. So are other Bishops from both the Eastern Catholic Churches and the Roman Rite. Just about all of The Radicals are from the Roman Rite.

“Mr Tough Guy”, the Traditional Acting Michael Voris, a Neo Catholic in Traditional Circles, who called Christopher Ferrara, Michael Matt and John Vennari, Sede Vacantists, for daring to question the unintelligible statements of Pope Francis I, would look the other way if Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan was elected Pope.

Voris will be at the Vatican, filing reports for Church Millitant.tv. One wonders who MV will rip to shreds. 
Walter Cardinal Kasper, the Pope’s Theologian, is the “Field Marshal”  of this Radical Band of Bishops, looking to explain away the Teaching of Jesus Christ in regards to Holy Matrimony, by being “Pastoral”, whatever that means. “Pastoral”, in this case, is for the Purpose of undermining Doctrine.

But, he has the backing of Pope Francis I, himself a Radical who in practice, defied Summorum Pontificum in regards to allowing the Tridentine Latin Mass to be celebrated in the Parishes of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, Argentina. For he was once called Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio, a Radical, who has been known to do things for show, so to be liked by the Worldly Rulers in Argentina. He goes all out for the False Ecumenism with Heretics and Schismatics, such as accepting Pentecostal Ministers “Blessings” at Luna Park in Buenos Aires.
Yet, when Sean Cardinal O’Malley accepted an Annointing from a Female Protestant Minister, Michael Voris was ripping Cardinal O’Malley “A New One.”

Two Standards in Conflict. Won’t offend The Head, but everyone else is “Fair Game.”

Voris is “Trapped and Exposed.”

Kyrie Elaison


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