18th Sunday After Pentecost(Byzantine Rite)

13 Oct

It is not the usual thing to give a Homily based on the Epistle, but St. Paul The Apostle always provides Food For Thought.

For in 2 Colossians, the Homily, offered by Father Bernard Panczuk OSBM, Pastor of St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Manhattan on East 7th Street, was Food For Thought.
Father gave Examples of Giving, which are based on Self Satisfaction(Worldly), and not based on Other Worldliness. The One who makes a Big Splash when donating, just so he or she can see his or her name “In The Bright Lights of Times Square”, is doing this for Self Satisfaction, and Not to The Lord’s Satisfaction.

In my experience, when a Woman came up to me, realizing that I was in Pain and said “Jesus Loves You-Jesus Wants Us To Be Friends”, she gave me a Homeopathic Remedy that worked to relieve the pain. It was given unselfishly. And this is meant by True Giving. And that Woman is a Friend.

It was a Good Homily and a Rare Analysis of The Epistle from St. Paul The Apostle.  Selfless Giving is way different from Selfish Giving. Selfless is of God.
When The Father Gave His Only Begotten Son to the World, It was Selfless.
When Jesus Gave His Life On The Cross, That Is Selfless.
The Best Giving is to expect NOTHING In Return.

Deo Gratias!



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