45th & 50th Anniversaries In Roman Catholicism

13 Oct

Both are Roman Catholic Church Commemorations in regards to The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, as the Tridentine Form went through a few relatively small changes.

At this time 50 Years Ago, the Roman Rite Catholic Holy Sacrifice of The Mass was in Latin, but there was a change in receiving Holy Communion, with an actual response. The Priest or Deacon proclaims to the Communicant “Corpus Christi”, with the Communicant responding with “Amen.”
But on the 1st Sunday Of Advent, in 1964, the Prayers went to the Vernacular, except for the Offertory and Consecration Prayers, which were still in Latin and still offered silently by the Priest. But the Confiteor was said the same way, following the Tridentine Form, but in English.
A new “Prayer of The Faithful” was imported from the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom(Format Wise), based on the Great Litany, recited after the Nicene Creed. Responses were either “Deus Exaudinos” or “Kyrie Elaison.”
The other change was the elimination of The Recitation of The Last Gospel of St John.
This newer version of The Mass, at least maintained the Mysterium.

It was 45 Years Ago when the Mass was Radicalized by one Fr Hannibal Bugnini, a Reputed Freemason, who, through the assistance of 6 Protestant Ministers, crafted the current Mass. 
Attendance dropped with The New Mass, rather Dramatically.

One cannot celebrate these changes. The Mass lost so much, especially in the New Mass.



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