Michael Voris, The Synod And Pope Francis I

14 Oct

Michael Voris asked a question about whether or not the Gifts of The Homosexual, flow from the
Disorder or from the Person.

Archbishop Bruno Forte talked about respect for all people, thus pulling a runaround on Michael Voris.

Yesterday, Voris was ignored. Today, he received an incomplete response.

But, Michael Voris was surprised that Donald Cardinal “I Never Met A Pro Abortion Catholic Politician I Didn’t Give Holy Communion To” Wuerl, was named by Pope Francis I to the Extraordinary Synod Preparatory Commission. In fact His Holiness named 6 Other Radicals to that August Body.

Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio is the type of Disobedient Bishop, which you would “Rip a New One”, especially the way Bergoglio handled the Implementation of Summorum Pontificum, which gave Latin Rite Catholic Priests the permission to offer the Tridentine Latin Mass. No doubt, Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio would’ve been ripped a New One by You, for disobeying Pope Benedict XVI.
But now, Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio now wears the White Cassock of The Bishop of Rome.

Pope Francis I is STILL a Bishop. Stop being surprised, Michael. You are not a 6 Year old child. You have Faith and Reason. And a Leopard doesn’t change his spots. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is still Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He has The Title of The Sovereign Pontiff. He is The Pope, but he is STILL Jorge Mario Bergoglio and is as Radical as he was as Metropolitan of Buenos Aires.
Papam Bergoglio has not “changed his Spots”, but only his mode of Attire.
He is still That Radical You Utterly Despise. Donald Cardinal Wuerl is only a “Mirror Image.”
And so is Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan.
It is True.
Would you go along with Pope Francis I, if he forced Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches to replace the Beautiful Opening and Closing Holy Hymns with ANYTHING  cobbled together by Marty Haugen?


M, Eh!

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