On 3rd Avenue In The East Village & The Synod

15 Oct

After the Divine Liturgy at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, I was at the foot of 3td Avenue and East 7th Street in the East Village. The East Village is known as a mixed neighborhood with many young adults.
In some cases there are “Boys Being Girls”and “Girls Being Boys.”

In short, there is a Young and Gay Population in the East Village. I noticed two soft spoken males walking and holding hands. Since this is the East Village, I am not surprised by this, as the East Village is next door to Greenwich Village, often called the West Village.

What I am thinking as the Extraordinary Synod On The Family, is that the “Gay Lobby” in The Vatican, has sway over the Radical Pope Francis I, who as Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio, had no real grasp of Theology, but is into whatever would make him Popular with The World and Humanity.
Since when does a Pope, give interviews to Rolling Stone Magazine and The Advocate?
This leads to the Confusion of The Faithful, as to what The Papal Mission is.



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