Raymond Cardinal Burke Dares The Pope To Speak

15 Oct

Raymond Cardinal Burke wants, in fact, dares The Pope to teach clearly, The Doctrine of Marriage and The Eucharist, as reported on “The Vortex”, by Michael Voris.  Raymond Cardinal Burke is one who pulls no punches, which is WHY he is being removed from the Vatican Dicastery called “The Apostolic Signatura”, the Supreme Court of The One, True Church. Because of his defence of Church Teaching, he is being ordered silenced by being named Chaplain of The Knights of Malta.

But, in this Secret Synod, where Evil is being worked behind closed doors and Reports are issued with No Names on these reports, it is during interviews that one learns about what is really occurring. And His Eminence, Cardinal Burke, will give interviews to get Catholic Truth out for The World to listen to.

But the Ball is in The Papal Court. And this Synod of Novelty was called by The Pope, who as Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio, was into his own world of False Ecumenism, and Glasnost(Publicity), even defying Summorum Pontificum in 2007 in regards to the Tridentine Latin Mass in Buenos Aires.

If Off The Cuff Comments are Papa Bergoglio’s Magisterium, The Faithful will be even more confused.

Nobody Needs That. Clarity and Truth Are Needed.

Kyrie Elaison!

M, Eh!


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