Why In Italian? Is This Due To An Unecessary Synod?

17 Oct

With a “Tippy Toeing” Michael Voris being “Trapped and Exposed”, in his own “Vortex”, Michael Voris started talking about a Translation Problem with the Relatio Document. Somehow, Michael manages to avoid criticizing the One who gave the Order to utilize Italian instead of the More Precise Language of The Church, namely Latin. Latin is noted for both non ambiguity and precision.

Go ahead, Michael-call me a Sede Vacantist. His Holiness, Pope Francis I, is the One who decided against using a Language most noted for Precision and since it is Traditional, Papa Bergoglio decided that it was not of any use.

There are Two English Translations which have been used, due to the Non Precision of Italian in the Relatio. Italian is Modern and Free Flowing. Latin is not, but is the root language for Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese.

When you go to solve a problem, you get to the Root of it. The root of The Problem is a Non Traditional Pope who decries a Traditional Language, substituting Personal Preference for Precision. Hence, there is confusion.

Going to the root may not be popular, but one gets the answer. I know that from experience with New York State and City Law, as a former Law Enforcement Professional. Instead of The Plain Meaning of The Law written, strange customs and Private Interpretation of said laws were used. The result of this “System” meant that the law was never enforced properly. When it was properly enforced, the result was the person performing the action according to the Law, was punished.

I now realize that because Raymond Cardinal Burke is acting according to the Laws of The Church, that is WHY he is being downgraded. He is not going along nor getting along.

The Church Teachings cannot change as they come from Christ. But, by being Pastoral, it is as if the Teachings will be ineffective on purpose.

To sum up, it is a case of loving both the Sinner and Sin. What more can I say!

Confusion will reign supreme. Clarity is NEEDED.



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