“Clarification?” “Seriously?”(Voris Vid Here)

22 Oct

Clarification: http://youtu.be/4m2O0DVex84

Michael Voris, In The Name of The Outfit he fronts for, namely Church Millitant.tv and CMTVNews.com, which is actually a front for the Owner with The Initials “M B”, is trying to clarify as to WHY the Breaking Story was yanked.

To quote that Brilliant Attorney and Native New Yorker, Christopher A. Ferrara, Graduate of Fordham University and Fordham University Law School, the question to be asked is quite Simple.

Michael Voris, you see, “Bit The Hand that feeds him.” Now like a Contrite Puppy Doggie(Cocker Spaniel), he makes another “Mea Maxima Culpa” Video. Please, I think that Michael Matt, Christopher Ferrara and Louis Verrecchio actually have the Cujones to give Clear, Unapologetic, Real Catholic Church Teaching. Ripping every Bishop a “New One”, is not cutting it, especially when their “El Jefe”, is a Flat Out Modernist, who contrived this “Extraordinary Synod To Circumvent Church Teaching”, a Vicar who extends “No Mercy” to a Young Order of Priests and Nuns, Who Are Faithful to The Centuries Old Doctrine of The Church, practically having them wiped off the Face of The Earth for having the Utter Audacity to pray the Tridentine Form Divine Liturgy of St Pius V.
What is “M B” looking for, a Papal Knighthood? And you, Michael, are being complicit in this incomplete rendering of “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.”
Besides, “M B” must think of the Viewership as “Compliant Sycophants, with the Brain Power of a Turnip.” He might even think of you, Michael Voris, as having the Intelligence of a Carrot.

When will both the Viewers and Michael Voris realize that “M B” is all about Gimmicks?  Sending out one message without a real ending adds to confusion.

Never mind the “Batman” Sound Effects-Give us “Batman”, instead. The Message will then make sense in its’ Clarity.

Credo In Unum Deo!

M, Eh!


4 Responses to ““Clarification?” “Seriously?”(Voris Vid Here)”

  1. JTC 2014/10/23 at 20:51 #

    If someone makes sense out of their miserable life by attributing all their misfortunes to the bogey man in the closet, it can be dangerous to make clear to them, however one does it, that there’s nobody there in the closet, that they must now find some other template within which to interpret their miserable existence. In crisis counseling settings, it’s called “don’t take peoples’ defense mechanisms away from them because it leaves them defenseless and, therefore, more open to a sense of despair and hopelessness.”

    So I’m writing you with great trepidation because I fear that you will be left defenseless by the truth. You can’t seem to find any other explanation for Michael Voris’ actions beyond Marc Brammer as some kind of “puppet master” behind the scenes, exercising control either/both financially and persuasively.

    Marc Bramer is no longer part of Michael Voris’ operation in any way, shape or form, and has not been since a few months prior to the change of name from RealCatholicTV to ChurchMilitant.TV in June, 2012. There is no “mental reservation” here in what I am saying. It’s not a matter of “not formally part of things but still very much a part of things in less overt ways.” The most substantive role that Marc Brammer plays in Michael Voris’ operation today is as personal friend and host when Michael needs a place to stay when he attends Notre Dame football games in South Bend. He is a “donor” or “supporter” in no way distinguishable from hundreds of others are right now. To say that he is Michael Voris’ backer just isn’t true in any sense of the word “backer.”

    I once had the misfortune of saying, in a public forum, something that Scientologists also say. I am not a Scientologist, had and have no idea what they say about almost anything but, when I denied that I was a Scientologist, the response I got was “Well that’s just what a Scientologist would do: deny that he was a Scientologist, because that’s what Scientologists do. They’re so secretive.”

    I am not a member of Opus Dei. Michael Voris is not a member of Opsu Dei. And there is no one with Opus Dei pulling any kind of strings over Michael Voris. Whatever he does, judge them brilliant or insane, is totally his responsibility. There are NO backers who have any kind of control over ChurchMilitant.TV. Yes, there are donors and supporters and subscribers, and Michael Voris does have advisors and counselors whom he trusts more than others, but NO ONE has any “leverage” over him in the sense you ascribe to Marc Brammer.

    You are, of course, totally free to agree or disagree with anything and everything Michael Voris says and does. Doing either does not define you as a good or a bad person. You may be surprised to know that Michael actually sees and reads every email sent to his apostolate. He does know what people think and, to whatever degree criticism or praise is discerning and insightful, he profits from them. But it’s both intellectually lazy and insulting to blow off what Michael says or does by calling him a whore in the stable of some pimp. Disagree with him if you will, but disagree with him on the merits, not things like whether his hair is real or whether some Svengali is using him for their own ends.

    Please don’t slit your wrists over this revelation. Just find another template to use for your criticism. There are lots of other ones available. Your life can still have meaning even though Marc Brammer is a fantastical part of your personal defense mechanisms.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2014/10/28 at 20:06 #

      Name your Source

      • JTC 2014/10/28 at 21:36 #

        It’s difficult to name someone who doesn’t exist. It’s just laziness to have no other way to understand what Michael Voris say or does except through the template of an anonymous puppet master. Sure, there ARE people in the world, like politicians, whose point of view CAN be bought, but Michael Voris isn’t one of them. Sure, he has donors and supporters, but none of them are “regular” such that anyone can budget in light of their presumed ongoing contributions. His “backers” who ARE “ongoing” is the base of premium subscribers, all those $10 per month people. The rest of the apostolate’s income comes from irregular donations, sales of DVD’s, and speaking fees which are all turned over to the apostolate and not pocketed by Michael in any way.

        You are free to disagree with anything Michael says or does. Everyone is. But it would be more productive, and actually worthwhile, if you would simply disagree and say why. To portray him as some whore in the stable of some anonymous pimp is not only insulting, it’s fantastical.

        There IS NO “source.” I can’t produce documentation of “nothing” for you. Even the donor who purchased their current studio for them has given them absolutely nothing since then, so even THEY cannot be presumed to be holding any “strings.” The donation was an outright gift used to purchase the building which is entirely in the apostolate’s name. No one can “take it back.” And that, until recently, was the largest single donation ever received by the apostolate. Every donation received is explicitly understood as having “no strings attached.” Donations with any kind of “strings” are and have been rejected.

        Find a different template to excuse your lazy thinking.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2014/10/30 at 07:56 #

      Okay Terry

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