If One Remembers The Confessional

22 Oct

It was May of 1962 when I received my 1st Penance in the Roman Rite. It was in a place called The Confessional. The Priest sat separately in the Box between two Penitent Stations. Kneeling was the Norm. The Penitent Stations were dark. In my Parish in City Line, Brooklyn, as this was the case, there was a screen, which protected both Priest and Penitent. One whispered one’s sins to the Priest, and, after the Act of Contrition with The Priest having assigned a Suitable Penance, one left relieved of one’s sins having been forgiven.
Now the Vatican II Document called Sacrosanctum Concillium, wished to maintain the Sacredness, Secrecy, Silence and Protection of both Priest and Penitent. But, Certain Modernists came up with what is called a Reconciliation Room, where Face To Face Confessions would occur. It is a variation of Byzantine Rite Practice, though at Holy Ghost Ukrainian Greek Catholic Parish on North 5th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there is an actual Confessional.
And with the removal of The Priestly Box and conversion to a Mini Living Room, where the Sacrament may become a Potential Occasion of Sin, there have been Sins of The Flesh committed between Penitent and Priest. In the cases of where there have been Homosexual Priests, especially with Male Teen Penitents, Sexual Sins have been committed in these Rooms. There have been Young Priests tempted by Young Women. This Sacramental Abuse is a new practice, with the Novelty of Face To Face Confessions.
It was one morning where there were 28 Students brought over from a Parish School to confession. Of the 28 Students, only 3 were Penitents. The Priest stood outside of the Confessional, trying to coax the students to come into the booth to confess their Sins.
Either the Children do not have a sense of Sin or they haven’t been taught about kneeling in the Confessional behind the Screen, which makes it easier to confess one’s Sins. Methinks that today’s Catholic School Children are only taught about approaching the Sacrament in the “New” by Roman Rite Standards way, a variation of The Traditional Byzantine Way of approaching the Sacrament, which is the Sacrament where the Priest covers the Penitent with his stole in the Sanctuary.

I think in terms of Pre Vatican II when I received 1st Penance and 1st Holy Communion in the Roman Rite. We were taught that the Body and Blood of Christ is so Sacred that only a Priest, Bishop and Deacon can touch The Sacrament and that we receive The Body of Christ on the tongue while Kneeling at the Altar Rail. We were properly instructed as to the Sacrament of Penance. We were taught about Sin and the Effects on The Soul.

Are the Roman Rite Catholic Schools still Catholic?

Kyrie Elaison!



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