“Let’s Just Say…” (M Voris Mea Maxima Culpa)

23 Oct

Let’s Just Say…: http://youtu.be/-nL_sADTFu0

As if a “Contrite Cocker Spaniel”, Michael Voris, made a “Mea Maxima Culpa” Video & posted it on CMTV News.com and You Tube. He doesn’t sound in the least like “Mr Muscular Catholicism.” Rather, he is being emasculated by Someone with the “Big Bucks.”
Voris sounds like a kid on a bicycle with Training Wheels.
Church Millitant.tv sounds like a place which is more like Pravda than like Catholic Independent New Media. Voris is a mere “Mouthpiece”, answering to someone who seeks Honors of the Papal Kind, all while “Ripping Catholic Church Middle Management a ‘New One'”,while letting the Mastermind of The Confusion have a Free Pass.

That is “Doggie Doo”, to quote a Close Friend of mine.

M, Eh!

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