“The Vortex” Now On Church Milquetoast.tv

25 Oct

For every Video to come out of “Church Millitant.tv”, now called “Church Milquetoast”, because of The Censoring of The Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke Story, replaced by two “Mea Culpa” videos called “Let’s Just Say” & “Clarification”, and the latest one, called “Kasper The Friendly Liar”, all three hosted by Michael Voris, are hypocritical because Michael Voris is portrayed as “Mr Muscular Catholicism”, when in practice, this whole thing is a Facade.
How does Church Milquetoast.tv get to ripping Bishops and Priests to shreds, while giving a Possibily Modernist Pope a Free Pass? Ripping Middle Management for what the CEO is commanding, is most disingenuous. That has the ability to cause for the lack of Credibility in an organization which has High Visibility.
And with Two “Mea Culpa” Videos, which make the whole “Church Millitant.tv” operation look like a Censorious Freak Show, making Soviet Union Television and the YES Network look like Amateurs.

When Church Millitant.tv came up with a Manifesto, which classified such Fine, Real Catholic Apologists such as Michael J. Matt, Christopher A. Ferrara, And John Vennari as “Hard Sedevacantists”, who preach “Spiritual Pornography”, and referring to the Socoety of St. Pius X, as “Soft Sedevacantists”, with this Manifesto, unsigned, which makes Church Millitant.tv, an organization which is “Out of Control.”  “The Cheque Writer”, whoever he is, is a Coward without Credibility. And if Michael Voris says nothing, he too has no credibility.

Canada’s Favorite Curmudgeon on “CBC News-The National”, the Redoubtable Mr Rex Murphy, referred to Starbucks as “Suck Up Coffee.” Well, Church Millitant.tv is “Suck Up.tv.” No doubt that the actual owner of Church Milquetoast.tv is “Sucking Up” to The Holy See, for whatever honors he seeks. By hiding his identity, while propping up a Mop Haired Propagandist, one who may be afraid of his own shadow while calling other people all kinds of names, which doesn’t seem to bother the Propagandist in the least, the Secretive Backer is as if, “The Wizard of Oz”, hiding behind gadgetry. By production of “The Vortex-Kasper The Friendly Liar”, the latest video from Church Milquetoast.tv, may have crossed the line in the Proverbial Sand, by criticizing “The Pope’s Theologian”, an indirect attack agaimst the Pope.
Never mind knocking out “The Straw Man”-be true to your apostolate’s mission, or shut up.

M, Eh!

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