The Church Manifesto(Cowardly)

28 Oct

The use of The Words “Soft Sedevacantists”and “Hard Sedevacantists”, as well as “Spiritual Pornography”, suggests to me that this “Secretive Force”(The One With Both the Powers of Censor and Financial Support) is of a Dictatorial Mindset, who desires by Cult Like Inclination, to control what is published, through Inducing The Guilt of those Faithful Catholics, who may not be properly Catechised, into subscribing to an incomplete rendering of The Catholic Faith.
This “Manifesto Writer”, operating in Secret, is a Coward. He prefers leaving out the Whole Truth, in the Manner of The “Liberal” National Public Radio, extreme in its Opposition to Catholic Doctrine(In Reality, Truth).

Let us suppose that we have a Possible Heretic as Pope. Liberius is one who fell into the Arian Heresy that Jesus was only a Super Holy Man and NOT The Second Person of The Blessed Trinity. Great Saints such as Athanasius, Basil The Great and John Chrysostom, battled this Heresy unto Their Deaths.
So if the Current Pontiff says that The Blessed Trinity actually had 5 Persons, would Church continue to be Silent? If this is the case, I wouldn’t waste my time subscribing to the Channel, let alone bother with it altogether, as it would now be called “Church”
Grace, Reason and Common Sense  would be applicable here.

Dear Readers:
On the Church Faqs Page is the Manifesto as to WHY they don’t Dare criticize the Confusing Statements of Pope Francis I. Go ahead and read the Link above. In the Manifesto, they link to the “Offending” Articles, all of which are quite excellent.
To me the Manifesto is a Denigrating Rant, labeling People who have the Cujones to ask Intelligent Questions and Make Informed By Faith Decisions.

The “CMTV Manifesto” is a Crude Attempt to frighten people into Only ONE Point of View, which is both Hypocritical and Incomplete. I read it and asked myself as to WHAT the “Anonymous Attack Dog” might be smoking.

Don’t be afraid to say what you think about it. At least I am NOT Controlled by The Backer, WHOEVER HE MAY BE.

Sadly, Michael Voris is Trapped and Muzzled by This “Controlling Invisible Force.”

Deum De Deo, Lumen De Lumine!



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