Someone, Initials “TC”, Runs CMTV?

29 Oct

Might He Be “Mr Manifesto”?



2 Responses to “Someone, Initials “TC”, Runs CMTV?”

  1. JTC 2014/11/01 at 03:18 #


    TC gives no money to CMTV, gets paid nothing by CMTV, ONLY answers emails for CMTV, and lives in Texas. CMTV is in Ferndale, Michigan. Only in a luniverse could TC be judged to be “running” CMTV.

    I suggest you consider the possibility that Michael Voris is just who he is. Either that or, perhaps, that he was abducted by space aliens, had an electrode planted in his head, and the aliens get him to do what they want by pushing various buttons that make him respond as they wish.

    TC is perceived to have more influence than is really the case because TC’s name is at the bottom of all emails that TC sends. It was thought, at one time, that it might be preferable to sign all emails from CMTV simply “CMTV staff” but that was rejected because personal emails deserve a personal response and not something generic.

    The “manifesto” is not “signed” because it is the stated position of CMTV, and it makes no difference which member(s) of the staff contributed to it. It is a CMTV “statement” that was never intended as a “public statement” but became so because individuals who were sent the link to the “statement” in response to their inquiries made it so.

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