“War Against the Eucharist”(Cd Dolan Ripped By M Voris)

30 Oct

War Against the Eucharist: http://youtu.be/9snFiDT6uIU

What Michael Voris(Conveniently)fails to point out is that Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan also voiced his opposition, to the Heretical Articles in the Relatio with other Princes of The Church, but Michael Voris, in order to be a Sensationalist, had to “Rip Cardinal Dolan a New One”, out of what seems to be a NEED to feel more than adequate, about the Constant “Bishop Bashing”, while deliberately leaving out the Ultimate Leader of this whole idea of a Synod in the first place. How Disingenuous!

This is a CATHOLIC Internet Television Service? I’m not so sure about that.

What are they smoking there?

Kyrie Elaison!


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