The Eve of All Hallows Across The River

1 Nov

Mass at 6PM at Holy Innocents R C Church in Manhattan had a good crowd this evening and had a young, 32 Year old Priest from the R C Diocese of Brooklyn as the one who offered the Mass. He is the 2nd Brooklyn Diocesan Priest to offer the Tridentine Latin Mass this week.
Methinks that the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn is becoming a Hotbed of The Tridentine Latin Mass. When The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York needs Latin Mass Priests, Brooklyn is ready for the Challenge. For awhile, St. Agnes on East 43rd Street(Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place) used to send a Priest over to St. John’s Cemetery Chapel in Middle Village, Queens, to offer the Mass when Msgr Walter Murphy was indisposed. So I am used to seeing these Cross River Exchanges.

Fr Daniel Champoli, who offered this Tridentine Latin Mass, offered the Mass at St John’s Cemetery Chapel this past Sunday, the Feast of Christ The King, also celebrated by the 22 Eastern Catholic Churches. I told him that outside of being at both Pope Saint John Paul II’s two Pontifical Masses at Aqueduct Race Track in Queens and Central Park in Manhattan, that Father was the 1st Priest who I witnessed offering the Tridentine Latin Mass in Two Dioceses. In the case of The Pontifical Masses, both, while solemn Masses, were both Novus Ordo Masses. In Fr Champoli’s Case, he became the 1st Brooklyn Diocesan Priest I have witnessed offer the T L M in both the R C Archdiocese of New York and the R C Diocese of Brooklyn. Sunday was in Queens and tonight on All Hallows Eve, the Mass was at Holy Innocents on West 37th Street.

There was one who served as an Altar Server named Paul. Paul was seen on “Mic’d Up” from Church with Michael Voris, via Livestream, in regards to Holy Innocents Parish. He was also heard on Blog Talk Radio, which carries Part of Church, when live.

Instead of “Boo” for Halloween Night, as I enjoy a few Brooklyn Oktoberfest Beers, this is something which I will say and close October with:

Deo Gratias!



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