Like WTF Was The ROC Doing At The Synod?

3 Nov

Like What Next? WWF at The Sistine Chapel? NFL On FOX in St. Peter’s Basilica? Can This get anymore ridiculous and insulting?

No, I’m not talking about betting the Vatican Bank Funds on the NY Jets(The Vatican Bank would not exist after that bet). It is that All That Post Vatican Council II False Ecumenism is backfiring but good.

Take the ROC, or Russian Orthodox Church(Please, with a Nod to the Late Henny Youngman), as they were invited to the Extraordinary Synod On The Family. In the Vatican Synod Hall, Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion of The Russian Orthodox Church Department of External Affairs, who ripped into the Presence of The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, for its’ presence in Russian Orthodox Church Territory in Ukraine and for Proselytizing in Ukraine.
With the exception of The Prince of The Church representing the R C Archdiocese of New York, all Bishops including Pope Francis I, were silent, letting His Beatitude, Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, get ripped to Smithereens by the Visiting Orthodox Prelate.
To his credit, His Eminence, Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, cornered His Beatitude and brought him onto Cardinal Dolan’s Sirius XM Satellite Radio Show for His Beatitude to speak about this attack by an Orthodox Prelate. No one else said anything.

This was brought to my attention by John Allen of The New York Times. Thank You, John.

Was His Beatitude not backed up over his unswerving Loyalty to Holy Mother Church?

I suspect that the answer is an Unqualified “Yes.” In the “Bergoglian Church, The Only Tradition permitted is Novelty.

And Voris is Trapped in his utter Silence.

Kyrie Elaison!

M, Eh!

6 Responses to “Like WTF Was The ROC Doing At The Synod?”

  1. Stephen Dalton 2014/11/03 at 07:44 #

    Hooray for Cdl. Dolan! I hope he does many more things like this to build a beeter reputation as a churchman!

    • A Roaming Catholic 2014/11/04 at 18:31 #

      Stephen? In the R C Archdiocese of New York, there is a Substantial Ukrainian Greek Catholic Population. At St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Manhattan on East 7th Street, they have an Annual Festival which Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan supports. The Archbishops of New York, along with all the Bishops in New York State, where Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches do exist and thrive, enjoy the support, historically as New York State, especially in the Five Boroughs and throughout the State of The Latin Rite Bishops. Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan continues that New York Tradition.

      • Stephen Dalton 2014/11/04 at 22:43 #

        Well, that’s interesting to know about Dolan. I hope the UG Catholic’s can turn him around about the St. Pat’s day parade. BTW, I attended a Byzantine Catholic Church in Orlando, Florida about three years ago and it was beautiful! such a change from the plain-Jane NO churches!

      • A Roaming Catholic 2014/11/05 at 03:19 #

        Stephen? My Alternate Liturgy to the Tridentine Latin Mass is with the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, in full Communion with The Holy See, in the form of The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, Bishop, Confessor and Doctor of The Catholic Church. I love that Liturgy a Lot.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2014/11/04 at 18:34 #

      Meanwhile, Michael Voris was so silent about this. He was trapped in the “Vortex” of his own making.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/02/22 at 08:51 #

      Voris never mentioned this. He probably has trouble saying the Name of Sviatoslav Shevchuk, or thinks he is a Hockey Player.

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