All Souls Day Tridentine “Old School”

4 Nov

As this was a Penitential Day, there was no chant of either “Gloria” or “Alleluia.”
This occurred at the Immaculate Conception Seminary Center in Douglaston in Queens, NY, in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. The Tridentine Latin Mass, as it was All Souls Day, was offered as a Missa Requiem. And I saw something during the Mass which I had not witnessed at a Mass of The Type in 50 Years.
The Offering Priest and Deacons, one of whom is a Priest of The Brooklyn Diocese, wore Black Vestments.
This Mass is called either Missa Requiem or Missa Pro Defunctis. Now I know why 52 Years Ago on Grant Avenue in Cypress Hills-City Line, Brooklyn, we were taught how to read Latin, as it is the Sacred, Unchanging Language of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. But, as I have discovered, it is the root language for much of what English is. A word like Defunct is derived from Defunctis, which in Missa Pro Defunctis, means Mass For The Dead. I like the Latin Version better. It sounds much nicer. “Jets sunt Defunctis”, which is a way of saying that the NFL NY Jets will probably get the 1st Draft Pick in MMXV, is a Humorous way of saying to that Sad Sack Team, “Just End The Season.”

The Mass began this past evening with Procession and Prayers sung by the Schola in Latin. Responses were sung in Latin, except for the Kyrie, which is chanted in Greek.
The Collect was chanted in Latin. The Epistle, Graduale Romanum, Tract, Sequencia and Gospel were sung in Latin.
The Offertory Prayers were offered Silently(Remember that). An Offertory Motet, “Miserere Mei” was sung by the Schola in Latin.
The Sursum Corda was chanted by all. Bells were rung for the Sanctus, sung by all.
The Canon of The Roman Rite Catholic Mass was prayed Silently.
Genuflections were done with bells rung when the Bread and Wine were changed into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ.

The Lord’s Prayer was chanted in Latin by The Priest and Deacons, with the Nave singing “Sed Libera Nos A Malo.” The Priest kisses the Altar, in The Kiss of Peace. There is no “OLQM Wave” done here(That is so “Novus Ordo”).
The Priest recites “Domine Non Sum Dignus” 3 Times, bells being rung. He receives Holy Communion.
Prior to Holy Communion, the Altar Server recites the Confiteor and The Priest responds.
The call to Holy Communion is made. The Nave responds with “Domine Non Sum Dignus”, 3 Times and then people come up to kneel. Since the Seminary Center Chapel has no Altar Rail, kneeling, though a bit painful, was done and Holy Communion was received on the tongue(Lingua). The Communion Antiphon was sung by the Schola in Latin. After Holy Communion, a Motet, “Ave Verum Corpus” was sung by the Schola in Latin.
Instead of “Ite Missa Est”(The Dismissal is Made), “Requiscant In Pace”(May They Rest In Peace) is followed by “Amen”, with a sung procession to the Crypt Chapel of The Deceased Bishops of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn.
Prayers were offered by the Priest and Deacons with responses in Latin, all chanted. The Mass ended there.

The Celebrant was Fr Daniel Champoli. He was assisted by an Actual Transitional Deacon and another Brooklyn Diocesan Priest, who offered the Wednesday Night Latin Mass at Holy Innocents R C Church in Manhattan.

A Woman who lives in Howard Beach, took me to Metropolitan Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard, where I caught the Q54 Bus, homeward. She was with her son. She was born during the 1st Year of The Novus Ordo Mass. Many of The People in our Queens Based Latin Mass Group, were not even born yet when the 1st change to the Tridentine Form Mass occurred. So I became a quasi Historian in regards to all the Liturgical Changes for the Group.
This one thing I did say when leaving Immaculate Conception Seminary Center in Queens and that Fr Daniel Champoli was in Senior Year of Cathedral Prep High School, and for me it was almost 15 Years since I was last there for the Queens County Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship.

For Last Evening, I had many aches, debating whether or not to go to the Mass. Then the aches subsided. I then journeyed via Q23, Q88 & Q30 Buses and on foot to Immaculate Conception Seminary Center.
I’m glad I went.

Deo Gratias!

M, Eh!


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