“Pepper & Darkness”

4 Nov

A Canadian Catholic Internet Television Service called “Salt & Light”, based in Toronto and headed by Fr Thomas Rossica, who doubles as The Vatican Head of English Translation, has an Employee of “Salt & Light”, who put out a message about how The Vatican needs to update Sexuality Teaching and proceeded to rip Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke “A New One.”(Hat Tip to Michael Voris for this story).

What is “Salt & Light”and who watches them? Their #s are negligible at best. And they parrot Modernists.
Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara have more of a Following in Canada than Salt & Light does. I wonder just what kind of Snark Rex Murphy has in store for this bunch. And, for those of you in Canada, you know how Rex is capable of his put downs. Trust me on that one. I have listened to Rex quite often enough.
Rex on “Salt & Light”(Which also records out of CBC Television in Toronto, BTW, within a Pebble Toss of Rex and Peter Mansbridge);
“A blase’, insignificant, insipid pile of Trite Tripe, with all of the victorious inspiration of The Toronto Maple Leafs and all of the sense of a worn out old loafer.”

They’re worse than EWTN, eh.

M, Eh!


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