Removed Altar Rail-“Ouch, My Knees”(Commentary)

4 Nov

The Tridentine Latin Mass meets the NO:
It is interesting when one kneels on a marble floor with NOTHING to push back from. With the “De-Romanizing” of The Roman Rite(29/11/1969), the Altar Rail, which separates the Sanctuary from the Nave, has become as rare as NY Jets Victories in 2014(Now that is rare).
In the effort to make the Roman Rite Catholic Mass feel comfortable to Liturgical Protestants such as Lutherans and Anglicans, since neither has a valid Priesthood, the Roman Catholic Elements of The Liturgy were removed and replaced with such elements as a portable altar with no Saint’s Relic, Mass offered “Versus Populum”(Facing the Congregation, Oh, So Protestant) Standing for Holy Communion(Byzantine Rite Practice), Vernacular Use(both Byzantine Rite and Protestant), Collective Confiteor(Lutheran Version, Romanized, as one of a # of options), Holy Communion Under Both Kinds(Romanized Version of Byzantine Rite Practice), Laity for Sacred Readings(Byzantine Practice, though Reader is not in the Sanctuary in Byzantine Rite), Offertory Prayers not meant to Anticipate the Sacrifice of The Mass by substituting a Passover Table Prayer(Jewish upon Protestant Consultation As Well as Consulting Books by the Catholic Heretic, the Jesuit Teilhard De Chardin),Readings of Three Readings of Old Testament, Responsorial Psalm, New Testament, Psalm and Gospel(Anglican Structure From Anglican “Bishop”), General Intercessions/Prayers of The Faithful(Based on Great Litany of The Byzantine Rite), Opening Prayer of Mass(From Byzantine Rite Opening to Eucharistic Anaphora), Multiple Eucharistic Anaphoras(Byzantine and Antioch Formulae, Romanized), Sign of Peace(Abandoned Roman Rite Practice, mimicry of Byzantine Rite Practice on Forgiveness Sunday just before Great Lent) and the Deletion of The Last Gospel, the Story of The Incarnation. In short, the Roman Rite is practically nonexistent. There is no “Hermeneutic of Continuity.”And the Modernistic “I Love Me” Music, is the kind of Music which you might “Throw Up To.”Gregorian Chant is in Very Few Parishes. The Misuse of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, is a Novel Roman Rite Addition, as are Female Altar Servers. Female Altar Servers are used by the Lutherans and Anglicans, who actually ordain Female Ministers.

Hermeneutic of Continuity? Try Hermeneutic of Modernist Mindset Confusion. The Novus Ordo Mass is certainly NOT Roman. It is a New Rite of Worship, called NOVELTY.Where is Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke when you need him?

And so there was no Altar Rail. My right knee aches. I thank that kind woman, a regular at the Tridentine Latin Mass at St John’s Cemetery Chapel in Middle Village, Queens, for helping me to rise to my feet.
But, all is not lost, for a Corporeal Work of Mercy was done. As this is a Penitential Day, as the Tridentine Calendar calls Monday, November 3rd, 2014, All Souls Day, I offered up the pain in my knees for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. For The Christ suffered on the Cross unto Death, what is a little pain in my knees.

Kyrie Elaison!

M,  Eh!


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