Changes Of 1962 Missal For 1965 & Other Things

4 Nov

It was at Easter Sunday on March 29th, 1964, which was also my father’s 44th birthday. I was 9 Years Old in 3rd Grade.
It was at Holy Communion Time when one would be aware of the Change, as one would respond to the Priest for The 1st Time when receiving Communion. The Priest, in Latin, would say “Corpus Christi”(The Body of Christ) & one would say “Amen.” This change was in Preparation for when Vernacular was to be added to the Tridentine Form Mass for 1965.

So when some Vernacular Use came one the 1st Sunday Of Advent in November, 1964, it was still the Tridentine Form of Mass. The Priest still faced East and The Prayers At The Foot of The Altar were still recited, only in English. There was still the Double Recitation of The Confiteor. The Kyrie retained the “3-3-3” Format. As it was Advent, the Gloria was omitted. The Epistle and Gospel were read in English.
But, there was still the Tridentine Latin Character as both the Offertory Prayers and the Prayers of Consecration of The Roman Canon were offered Silently in Latin.

Like that of The Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom in Byzantine Rite Catholicism in Local Languages, the Format did not change in the Roman Rite. It was still the Tridentine Form Mass of The Roman Rite. But, the Praying of The Last Gospel(The Story of The Incarnation) was eliminated. In the 1st Few Weeks, to help people in the Pews to understand the changes, Lay Commentators were used at Sunday Mass. There was one addition, which was based on the Great Litany of The Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgies of St John Chrysostom and St Basil The Great, where the response is “Lord Have Mercy”(Kyrie Elaison), which the Roman Rite calls The General Intercessions or Prayers of The Faithful.

But, on Sundays, it was the Premiere of what is Nicknamed “The 4 Hymn Sandwich.” The Good News of that period of time was that Stately, Old Time Classics were sung. The beginnings of “Vomit, Barf, Puke” Music(Which began as Folk Style Music) were about 3 Years Away, that being instituted by Benedictine Arch Abbot and Later, Archbishop of Milwaukee, Rembert Weakland, in Liturgical Year 1968. He instituted this  Self Serving Putrid Crap at an All Boys Catholic High School in Latrobe, PA, near Pittsburgh. (Latrobe, PA is actually most famous for Rolling Rock Beer, prominently seen in the Academy Award Winning Film, “The Deer Hunter”).

What touched off the beginnings of “Sede Vacantism” was a simple and deliberate mistranslation in the Roman Canon in regards to the English rendering of “Pro Multis.”
From Multis, it being a Latin Adjective, think of such words as Multiply, Multiplication and from this came the Translation “For Many”, as many of the Ancient Israelites came to be Disciples of Jesus Christ. There were still People(The Pharisees are The Prime Example), who outright rejected Him.
The word “OMNI” means All. But the Modernists INTERPRETED “Pro Multis” as “For All”, based on Christ’s Redeeming Death on Calvary. It was an interpretation, which in 1967, could earn a Cathedral Preparatory Seminary High School Student, a good whack across one’s face.

As it will be said, it was during Vatican II, that the Mass was the Big Topic of Discussion. It was after Vatican II when Novelty began to reign supreme.

What A Mess!To think that I’m The Witness to all this for The Queens NY Latin Mass Group, leaves me as the Commentator on all these Liturgical Novelties, reaffirms the Queens Group Battle Cry of “No NO.”

Kyrie Elaison!

M, Eh!


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