On The Novus Ordo Mass Readings Format

5 Nov

I was reading about how the Sacred Scripture Readings occurred about 400 AD. Let’s just say that Pope Saint Gregory I(The Great), actually was a True Reformer when it came to the Roman Rite Catholic Liturgy.

Prior to the Gregorian Reforms, when it concerned the Readings, the sequence was Prophets(Old Testament), Responsorial Psalm, Epistle, Alleluia(Tract), Gospel and Homily.
Pope Saint Gregory I(The Great) had instituted the Readings of Scripture as follows:
Epistle, Gradual, Alleluia(Tract), Gospel and Homily(Optional Homily). Upon reading the format of The Divine Liturgy of St James The Apostle, from which the Divine Liturgies of St John Chrysostom and St Basil The Great are based, the form of Readings of Scripture for The Tridentine Latin Mass, codified in Session XXII of The Council Of Trent in 1570, have an Eastern Catholic Basis.
I believe that Pope Saint Gregory I The Great, especially in this case, was being practical in that, even then, the Minds of The Faithful need to hear only the New Testament Preaching, as this is the New Covenant, as well as for the Tendency of The Human Mind to wander a bit from hearing too much Scripture.
Yet, in the Roman Rite Catholic Mass of Paul VI, the Readings of Scripture Form came from an Anglican Bishop, which most ironically was the form replaced by Pope Saint Gregory I The Great in the 6th Century AD.
The reason for following the Discarded Form is to make the Liturgy feel comfortable to Protestants. Well, since the Lutherans and Anglicans in general do not recognize a Valid, Sacrificial Priesthood, nor The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, extra Scripture Readings are fine. But we Catholics do recognize The Sacred Priesthood and, thus, have a Valid Eucharist and Liturgy.

So, that Eastern Catholic Form of Scriptural Readings, in both the Byzantine Rite and in the Tridentine Latin Mass is just fine. So is the One Year Cycle of Readings.

Seeking out what is discarded, led to much confusion. And The Church should not imitate those who reject Her, as was the case at Vatican II. And This is Certainly the case, Post Vatican II.

The Loss of The Faithful is the Price paid at Vatican II.

Kyrie Elaison!

M, Eh!


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