3 to 50/45

6 Nov

This Sunday is the 22nd Sunday After Pentecost. It will also be the 3rd Sunday in the Countdown to The 50th Anniversary of The Partial Vernacularization of The Tridentine Form of Mass, where the Mass was still offered on the High Altar, there were still Holy Communion Rails separating the Sanctuary from the Nave, People still knelt to receive the Body of Christ on one’s tongue, and the Offertory and Consecration Prayers were still in Latin, the Priest faced Liturgical East, with only the Praying of The Last Gospel(The Incarnation) eliminated.  Additions to the Mass included the General Intercessions or Prayers of The Faithful, based on the Byzantine Rite Great Litany of The Divine Liturgies of St John Chrysostom and St Basil The Great. Another Addition, which was abandoned in the 13th Century, is the (Now Ubiquitous) Sign of Peace, which was(& Still Is) optional, which I have since nicknamed “The Martyrs Wave”, because at Weekday Mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs R C Church on Queens Boulevard and Ascan Avenue in Forest Hills, Queens, the people, particularly at the 8:00AM Mass, are so spread out, that the people wave to each other. At least they don’t text each other there.

This is also the 45th Anniversary of The Novus Ordo Mass of Paul VI, or “Bugnini’s Masterful De-Romanizing”, which led eventually to an incredible Loss of Faith with its’ De-Emphasis of Sin, along with the accompanying Music, the kind of which one may “Throw Up To.”
There will be a rather comedic “Top 10 List”, in honor of The 45th Anniversary of The Novus Ordo, nicknamed “The NO Mass”, called “Top Ten Rejected Novelties of The Novus Ordo Mass”(From the Home Office in South Amboy, New Jersey).
In order to ensure that the Protestants would feel comfortable coming to the Mass, it would not be called “The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass”, as both Luther and Cranmer objected to Sacrifice, the New Mass would be called “The Lord’s Supper or Mass”, which is what the Heretic Archbishop of Canterbury called his new Liturgy, with emphasis on Meal instead of Sacrifice. The NO Mass would use the same terminology, de-emphasizing The Sacrifice.

Mercifully today, Faithful Catholics have the Tridentine Latin Mass and the Divine Liturgies of The Eastern Catholic Churches, especially in the Byzantine Rite, available. These Most Beautiful Catholic Liturgies emphasize Sacrifice. The Novus Ordo Mass does NOT.

The Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom emphasizes Sacrifice and Supplication and calls The Faithful to Christ in Conversion, as does the Tridentine Latin Mass of Saint Pius V. Our Liturgical Tradition is Rich in Splendor.
So WHY are we collaborating with Heretics?

Kyrie Elaison!

M, Eh!


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