“Da, Da, Dot, Da, Da, Dahh”

15 Nov

Imagine producing a Sports Event with One Ten Thousandth of 1% of the Budget of FOX Sports and still manage to make a Truly 1st Class Webcast of the event. Well that was done on an iPod Touch in 2011 in East Glendale, Queens, NY on Saturday, 02/05/2011.
Minus Ed Goren, Bill Webb, Joe Buck and Tim Mc Carver(Especially the Last Two Gentlemen), the Ultimate Webcast of The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, occurred, appearing on Dailymotion and You Tube, with Extra Coverage appearing on Vimeo&iTunes.
You must wonder as to WHY THIS Kind of Exposure. Well, the Competition is a You Tube Staple, so I tested other Video Sharing Networks, plus my other blog on Blogger.
My Blogger Site was carried on Yardbarker.com.
The Coupe De Grace was the Feed from Dailymotion, being carried over the Belgian Website of Radio Television Luxembourg or RTL, the largest TV Network in Europe.
The other Coupe De Gracie(The Brooklyn Way of saying Coup De Gras), was when Video Feeds on the blog were linked from Yardbarker.
Yardbarker, BTW, is the Property of FOX Sports.
There was no Pregame Show from either Studio 42 at MLB Network, nor Studio 8A at the FOX Television Center in Hollywood.
But, hey, I do chant the Chime.
“Da, Da, Dot, Da, Da, Dahhh!”

And, no mention of Derek Jeter!

M, Eh!


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