“Special Report : Dolan Gets Ripped By MV, AGAIN”

19 Nov

Special Report : Dolan’s Denial: http://youtu.be/TwgrwPItqWg

No doubt that the Extraordinary Synod On The Family was a contentious time. No doubt that the Synod was an attempt to soften Catholic Doctrine, via the “Pastoral Route”, in defiance of said Doctrine.
But, I suspect that The Doubtable Michael Voris, he who does TWO “Mea Maxima Culpa” Videos, because there was an indirect criticism of The One Who Brought Together The Bishops of The World as well as Exiling Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, has found time to do a “Special Report” on Michael’s Absolute Favorite Target of Verbal & Video Abuse, Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan(Like WTF Else is New).
Like “This is a Matter of Life and Death”, in the words of the Administrator of a Large Roman Catholic Parish just across the street from a well known and liked Italian Restaurant, something tells me that Michael Voris has “Jumped The Shark in Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal”,meaning that the “I have the need to cut Cardinal Dolan a new (Bleep)”, has run out of Petrol.
And with a certain “T C” & a Bloody Mess “C M T V Manifesto”, which sounds like somebody wrote this after consuming 12 Glasses of Cabernet Savignon, made in someone’s basement in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the reference to Christopher A Ferrara and John Vennari as engaged in pushing “Spiritual Pornography”, “The Remnant Newspaper” as Evil, as well as “Catholic Family News”, which are considered as publications which may cause damage to one’s Faith, one wonders if anyone will ever take Church Millitant.tv seriously after the Cardinal Burke Report was deleted.
And, may I ask, WHERE Was Church Millitant.tv during the Papal Commanded Persecutions of The Franciscan Friars of The Immaculate and The Franciscan Sisters of The Immaculate? Wait, as that might cause one to ask the Current Pontiff, some serious questions about this Persecution.
But, to Church Millitant.tv, if Cardinal Dolan belches after eating something, rip him “A New One.”

Church Milquetoast.tv is more like it.

Kyrie Elaison!

M, Eh!


7 Responses to ““Special Report : Dolan Gets Ripped By MV, AGAIN””

  1. Stephen Dalton 2014/11/19 at 13:39 #

    Voris whipping Cdl. Dolan, IMHO, is done for one reason only. To draw peoples attention away from the real problem in the Church. Whether he does this to bring in the donations to fatten CMTV’s coffers or he really believes that putting the Pope in the crosshairs would damage the faith of many, the bottom line is that he’s not dealing with the real problem. The real problem is the man at the top. Timothy Dolan actions, good or evil, happen, because the Pope allows him to do it. If Voris can’t point out the real problem, he should just shut up instead of using Cdl. Dolan and others as a target for his frustrated rage.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2014/11/19 at 21:53 #

      Voris is following the Orders of his Executive Producer,who is turning the service into one without Credibility. So, Stephen, I find C M T V hard to take. Ditto, Michael Voris!

      • Stephen Dalton 2014/11/19 at 22:38 #

        Is Terry Carrol the actual boss of CMTV, or does she represent someone with money who’s the actual boss?

      • A Roaming Catholic 2014/11/19 at 23:36 #

        Terry Carroll is a male. It is he who wrote the C M T V Manifesto, a rambling attack on Christopher Ferrara, And John Vennari, as well as The Remnant Newspaper and Catholic Family News. Terry is listed as Executive Producer, but I suspect that he is a Front for Someone Else with Cash to spend.

      • A Roaming Catholic 2015/05/14 at 18:53 #

        He is a front either for Marc Brammer, or Mr Vortex.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2014/11/19 at 22:03 #

      I believe that my next piece will be about EWTN buying CMTV and “Salt & Light”, Which should be oretty dang funny.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/05/14 at 18:54 #

      Maybe this entertains Simon Rafe.

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