“EWTN Buys CMTV, Salt & Light”

20 Nov

The Global Catholic Network, EWTN, has acquired Catholic Independent New Media Giant, Church Millitant.tv along with Canadian Catholic Internet Television Service, Salt & Light.

“This is going to be a fabulous adventure just like our recent acquisition of The Holy See”, a beaming Raymond Arroyo told a Press Conference, held at Madison Square Garden. “Michael Voris and Sebastian Gomes under one roof. We will also be pleased to be adding the Commentary by CBC News Mr Rex Murphy, on what might be wrong with The World.”

Christopher A. Ferrara of Remnant.tv.,remarked “As Michael Voris says Nothing about confusing off the cuff statements of The Pope, now he won’t even have Cardinal Dolan to berate anymore, as he will be like a fish out of water, for Michael Voris will effectively, be Defanged.”
Michael J. Matt, Editor In Chief of “The Remnant Newspaper”, commented that “With the Addition of Rex Murphy, The Ultimate Curmudgeon, he will turn Michael Voris into utter mincemeat. It will not be, in the least, pleasant. Michael Voris will need a Thesaurus to decipher Mr Murphy’s Extensive Vocabulary.”

Bwahahaha, Eh!

M, Eh!


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