“Happy Thanksgiving”(USA, Eh)

27 Nov

I look at this day to be Grateful, with a Roof over my head. The Weather has been grey, cold and wet.
I am considering heading to Holy Innocents R C Church in Manhattan for a Tridentine Latin Mass at 6PM tomorrow evening, close to the World Famous Macy’s, as it is snowing, with the Weather letting up, later this afternoon.

But from the time in the 1960s in My Native Brooklyn,NY to Now, the Secular Holiday with Religious Overtones has now become, not a day of Rest and Celebration, but an Extra Day of SHOPPING. For US Thanksgiving is NOW a Snack Period for “The 48 Hours of Black Friday”, for Yanks of All Stripes, all about Materialism, NOT of The Triune Godhead, but of SELF.

It was 50 Years Ago, when the 1st Changes in The Mass took place.(Only The Offertory and Consecration were offered in Latin). English became the primary Language of The Roman Catholic Mass. The Beautiful Prayers of The Foot of The Altar were said. People and Priest faced Liturgical East(Not Staring at a Wall or turning one’s back on the Faithful).

But 45 Years Ago, a Fundamental Change occurred when a Portable Altar was erected in front the Main Altar and the Mass became as if a Lecture. People were distracted away from The Triune Godhead towards SELF. The Language is only the Vulgar Tongue. The sense of Mystery is Missing.

So, I am Thanking the Triune Godhead for Mystery and Memories as well as Life. For Without The Triune Godhead, all is naught. Prayers will be offered for Family, Past and Present and for Those Most Special Friends who aided me in the 2013 Rough Part of Life’s Journey.

Deo Gratias!

M, Eh!

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