In The Double Liturgical Anniversary Weekend Pt II

29 Nov

On Saturday, November 29th, 1969, or back when the NY Jets and The Mets played at Shea Stadium, the Last Tridentine Form Mass was offered in Vulgar Tongues. By this time, the Folk and Hootenanny Masses, had begun assaulting Catholic Eardrums, which infuriated a certain NYC Firefighter named Arnold, who likened these Liturgies to something far less than Sacred(And In Retrospect, he was most certainly right about that, even likening these Liturgies to both a Circus and a Zoo). Some people likened Arnold to an old grump. But, I will say that Arnold in Brooklyn, was a Prophet in this regard. Things would get worse with Time.
On Sunday, November 30th, 1969, the “Misdirected Mass of A Short Time”,”Missae Paulum VI”(Novus Ordo Missae)made its’ Debut in Parishes, with People asking if they had stumbled into the Local Episcopalian¬† “Broad Church” Parish. No longer would the Priest be facing East, at least not in the Roman Rite. And the Folk and Hootenanny Masses came along for The “Novus Ordo Adventure.”
The Tridentine Latin Mass had gone underground, so to speak, being offered by certain Priests with Faculties to offer “The Mass of All Time”, where there was Prayerful Silence, instead of loud noise. Gregorian Chant was replaced by, what I call “Gagorian Chant”(Music which would cause for longer lines at Toilets where one may deposit their food from Nausea).

This is WHAT disappeared from the Tridentine Form Mass:
Reverence, Silence and Roman Catholic Form;
Since WHEN Did the Priest become a “Presider”or “President of The Assembly”? I, myself used to preside at Knights of Columbus Council Meetings as Grand Knight, which made me a “Presider”, or “President of The Assembly”, but since I did not graduate from The Seminary for The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, I was unable to “Preside” at “The Memorial Of The Lord”, called “The Lord’s Supper”, or Mass, which is what the Modernist “Novus Ordians” were calling “The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass”, equating it with The Liturgies of The(Invalidly Ordained) Lutherans, Anglicans and Methodist Ministers, Six of whom were Consultants with Modernist Jesuits and an Apostate, Reputed Freemason called Archbishop Hannibal Bugnini.

The Prayers at The Foot of The Altar were eliminated. The Confitior was said Collectively, following the Lutheran Liturgical Form, with ONE reference to the Blessed Virgin Mary & Two to the Congregation, with no specified Names of Saints and this prayer is only an Option. The Gloria is offered only on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. The Prayers of The Faithful are offered at Every Mass.The Offertory Prayers are drawn from the Jewish Books called The Talmud, constituting a mere offering of bread and wine without any Propitiary Prayers of anticipating the Sacrifice, which are offered for the Faithful, both Living and Dead. The Canon of The Mass(Consecration), was edited, with “Mystery of Faith”, which the Priest prayed quietly, to signify the Miracle of Transubstantiation, moved to signify an Antiphon by St. Paul The Apostle, instead of The Transubstantiation Mystery and Miracle. “Pro Multis”(For Many)was “translated” as “For All”(Which is Pro Omnibus). The Translations were mere Interpretations. The “Domine Non Sum Dignus”, had a humanistic look and sound to it.
Kneeling went away at Holy Communion, as an alleged “Eastern” Practice of Standing in queue & Bowing as one receives the Sacrament at Separate Stations of both Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. In the Actual Byzantine Rite Practice, which entails the reception of both Body and Blood, this is done by Intinction and one receives by tipping one’s head back with the Priest, after one is called to receive with the words “Approach With Fear of The Lord and With Faith”, with having the Sacrament dropped into one’s mouth via Gold Plated Holy Communion Spoon. The Melkite Greek Catholic Church of Byzantine Rite uses Unleavened Bread while the rest of The Byzantine Rite uses Leavened Bread. The Melkites dip the Consecrated Host into the Blood of Christ.

Nobody explained as to WHY when the “Our Father” was recited, that the Doxology “For The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory…” was added to the “Lord’s Prayer” in the Novus Ordo Mass. But, this too is a Byzantine Rite Practice, except that this Doxology is sung by the Priest. St. John Chrysostom, Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of The Church and Patriarch of Constantinople, found this Doxology in a New Testament Codex, hence this is Catholic Practice, albeit Byzantine and not Roman Catholic. The Protestant way of The Lord’s Prayer, added the Doxology to the Bible and The Lord’s Prayer as an ending. For me, a Traditional Latin Mass Catholic who has been going to the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, this Ancient, Beautiful Divine Liturgy has answered my questions about Practices in the Roman Catholic Ordinary Form Mass.
Now, the form of Catechises today, teaches very little Doctrine regarding The Eucharist, especially the Schoolchildren. Often enough, the “Meal” theory is taught, instead of Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. And, beginning in the USA, June, 1977, Holy Communion In The Hand was permitted, leading to Less Reverence for The Sacrament.

Overall, Catechises was poor. Sin is not emphasized. Neither is Grace.
It is a Formula for Disaster.

Kyrie Elaison!


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