I Missed the “Misdirected Mass of A Short Time”

30 Nov

Instead, this morning, I went to “The Mass of All Time”(Tridentine Latin Mass), complete with Gregorian Chant, Glorious Hymns, Incense and Solid Preaching. It might make Mark Shea itch, but it was a packed house at St John’s Chapel, Middle Village, Queens.

I wasn’t in the mood for such Camp “Favorites” such as “All Are Welcome Except Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara” and  “Come & Have A Beer On Us”, as this is music that may cause old dogs to howl, setting off car alarms or inspire the local constabulary to call the Parish with the threat of sending a Special Terrorist Task Force.
The Contemporary and Contemptuous Music, Stuff which a Most Dear Friend has called “Vomit”, no doubt was given an Imprimatur by some Archbishop being hidden in some obscure Dicastery in The Vatican, with The name of Howard Cardinal Stern, whose favourite “Gagorian Chant” is “Wow” & Ecclesiastical Coat of Arms reads, allegedly in Latin, “Bababuis.”

Worship of The Lord and Beauty go together and are blessed by One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. So what are these Elements of Beauty and Where are they?
Beauty Attracts While Mediocrity Repels.


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