iPad For Video, Beats Android & A Laptop

9 Dec

My plan is to keep the Android Mobile Phone, which at $38.11 per month+all those Wi Fi Spots, is a bargain from Sprint’s Virgin Mobile USA. All live video productions will come via the Android Mobile Phone.
But as far as shooting a Video, anything less than HD 720p, looks like it was shot with an old 8mm Home Movie Camera. The Movie Making Apps on Android tend to be amateurish by comparison to Apple’s iOS. Hence my plan will be to use an iPad 2 or an iPod Touch 4G. Both are nice, light and comparably inexpensive. Both also require Wi Fi, meaning trips to Mc Donald’s, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, the Queens Public Library or the Midtown Manhattan Apple Store.
Two of my favorite apps are Splice Video Editor and iMovie For iPhone. When the Coverage of The 2011 Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Round Two was produced, the Splice App made this production, part of which was aired on RTL.be, much easier to coordinate. In fact, the Production was outright fun to make. That has been missing from Android, though Android is great for sheer live telecasts.

Wegener Media, a place where I had purchased refurbished Macs, looks good for an iPad 2. It looks like I’ll be doing business with them again. I tend to trust Apple when it comes to Video Production. The Quality Shows.

M, Eh!


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