Marquette University & A “Gallery Owner’s” Policy

10 Dec

This University in Milwaukee is allegedly Catholic. It is also Jesuit Run. A Programme of “Tolerance”, Soviet Union Style, is being conducted there. For you see, Students and other staff are heartily encouraged to turn in those who criticize Same Sex Marriage.

I wonder WHO the “Gallery Owner”(Nickname for the President of a Jesuit College, who is most often known for being Gay himself) IS. Will he be organizing a float or band in the 2016 New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade?

Please Do Note that “Tolerance” is B-LLS–T. It is often used to replace Highly Skilled and Competent Individuals with Lackeys, who are of No Use to anyone except for the Someone whose Self Imagined Importance to Politicians, knows no bounds. “Tolerance” is code for Full Employment for “Ambulance Chasing Barristers”, who seek a Handsome Ransom. It is a device which Someone uses to consolidate Power and that Someone is known for Maliciousness.

Beware of “Tolerance”, especially as defined in Today’s Climate, because “Tolerance” is a quasi official way of gladly permitting EVIL to flourish.

And Marquette University is “CINO”, or “Catholic In Name Only.”

Kyrie Elaison!



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